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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: Spinning Disney’s World-Week #2

Hello, my book-loving friends!  I hope you have enjoyed this past week’s reading of chapters 4-6 of Charlie Ridgway’s Spinning Disney’s World.  Here, Mr. Ridgway takes a look at his early years working as a cast member at Disneyland.

1. At the start of chapter 4, Mr. Ridgway recounts the distinction between an employee and a “cast member.”  If YOU could be a cast member at any Disney attraction, which would it be and why?

2. In chapter 5, Mr. Ridgway describes Walt’s management  style.  Do you think you would have found it easy or difficult to work for Walt Disney?

3. On page 46 of chapter 5, Mr. Ridgway describes the evolution of the Mickey Mouse watch.  Lots of pieces of merchandise have Disney characters on it.  What is the most unique OR most favorite Disney product you buy OUTSIDE of the parks?

4. Also in chapter 5, there is a description of the importance of STORY to the attractions in Disney parks.  Which attraction is your favorite, based SOLELY on its storyline?

5. Mr. Ridgway also discusses Walt’s emphasis on the need for fireworks at the parks to keep people there in the evenings.  How would you rate the following evening activities at Disney, with 1 being most favorite to 5 being least favorite?

a) Fantasmic

b) IllumiNations

c) Electric Light Parade

d) SpectroMagic

e) Fireworks over the castle