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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: The Price of Freedom FINAL QUESTIONS

Hello, my faithful friends of all things Jack Sparrow!   I hope this blog post finds you feeling as satisfied with The Price of Freedom as I have been!  A. C. Crispin wrote a delightful tale that intrigued and surprised me at every turn of the page.  I know this was a looooong book, so thanks to those of you who stuck through it and joined us for all our discussion questions!

For our final set of questions, I don’t want to have the questions leave any spoilers, as I know there are many who are still working their way through the book.  So, I have tried to create questions that will enable us to answer freely and creatively, without affecting the fun of others!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Crispin for her warm support of our book club and her willingness to post on our blog page.  She has added a great deal to our experience as a book club.

So, with a bit of nostalgia, here is our final set of questions for our second book club read:

1. If you were a Disney Imagineer and could modify the queue to Pirates of the Caribbean so that it reflected the the storyline in the prequel, what would be 3 scenes that you think would have to be included?

2. Who was your favorite “new” character (someone we do not know from the movies)?  Would this character make for a good “meet and greet” character in the parks?

3. What does the title of the story mean to you?

4. Imagine you were Captain Jack Sparrow.  How would YOU have titled his autobiography? Explain.

5. Here’s a practical question… I struggle in explaining to my children why pirates are not good, but why I love Captain Jack Sparrow.  Based upon this book, how would you explain the curious place Captain Sparrow plays in Disney lore?  Is he good or bad?  Should he be emulated?

Be sure to join us for our next book club read, Spinning Disney’s World by Charles Ridgway.  The reading calendar for this book will be published soon!