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A “Marvel”-ous Idea

by Chris Fox

A couple of weeks ago, on his podcast, Lou posed the question: Which would you rather see, a Muppets themed land or a Star Wars themed land?  As I thought about his question, it finally hit me – what I really want to see is a Marvel Comics themed land.

Both Star Wars and the Muppets already have a presence in the parks, but Disney hasn’t done much with their Marvel acquisition.  They literally have hundreds of characters, settings and stories to work with and instead they make a deal with James Cameron for Avatar.

Even though I am looking forward to seeing the results of that deal, I think they should work with what they’ve got first.  Yes, there is that other Marvel themed island elsewhere in Orlando, but there are still plenty of opportunities for Disney to set itself apart from Universal.

For example (and this is dreaming big, I know), turning Future World into Stark Expo.  It would probably make many people upset, but hear me out.  Both Future World and Stark Expo are modeled after the World’s Fair, so the theme still works.  Also, I would love to see Thor in Norway or Captain America in The American Adventure (or Wolverine in Canada/Japan, Nightcrawler in Germany… the possibilities are endless).

Epcot is just the beginning, there are three other theme parks, two water parks, Disney Quest (which is begging for an Iron Man attraction) and a  plethora of resorts all of which add up to an innumerable amount of opportunities to integrate these superheroes into Walt Disney World.

The other big benefit for having the Marvel universe in the parks is that the superheroes can act as a balance for the princess and fairy franchises.  Princesses are all over the place and they’re only getting more prominent (the Fantasyland expansion project is heavy on the princesses, for example).  Cars is a good franchise for boys, but to be honest, I think the pirates franchise is not appropriate for young kids (encouraging pillaging, theft and all that) so Disney needs something else to draw the younger male crowd in and I think this is a great idea.

What do you think?  Would you like to see Marvel characters in the parks?  What would you like to see?

Chris is an avid fan of both theme parks and Disney, so it just makes sense that he would love something that combines the two.  He is a new dad to a daughter of two months and an aspiring writer in the process of launching a Disney World related blog at the beginning of the year (thedisneytourist.blogspot.com).