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Join Us in Celebrating the WDW Radio Family’s 5th Anniversary!

Over the course of the last five years, something really special has happened…..   a family has been been born and has grown.  What started out as a podcast about all things Disney, has evolved into a community of friends and family who share an outlook on life: who have a belief in the power of dreams and pixie dust; who feel that optimism and faith are more powerful than pessimism and doubt; and most critically, who believe in sharing the magical, healing power of Disney with families facing struggles.

Our family has been built through podcasts and newscasts, through blogs and forums… Facebook and Twitter have been means by which we have cheered one another on and mourned with one another as well.  Nobody can underestimate the bond we share as members of the WDW Radio Family.

With that said, we feel it is important to mark the FIFTH anniversary of our togetherness with the first of what will (hopefully) be an annual event: the WDW RADIO ONLINE ANNIVERSARY PARTY.  Here are the plans:

On February 11, there will be a Box People Party like none other: Starting at 10:00am EST, tune in to WDWRadioLIVE.com to join Lou and other members of the WDW Radio family as they live out FIVE amazing hours in the Magic Kingdom!  What will they do when they are there?   How should they celebrate the anniversary of the WDW Radio family?  That is up to you, THE BOX!!!

We are asking YOU to submit ideas for this anniversary celebration.  Should they ride Splash Mountain?  Should they share 5 Dole Whips?  Should they hug Mickey Mouse?   We will take your ideas and put them to a vote!   Then, we will watch “in the box” as they race through the Magic Kingdom, trying to fulfill OUR goals for them, starting with the feat that had the most votes and moving right down the list!  How many of OUR feats can they accomplish in 5 hours?

There will be, of course…. a catch! At some point during the 5 hours, they will face a “Road Block.” The most intriguing idea submitted by The Box (as deemed by a panel of judges) will be presented to the gang — and they MUST accomplish this road block before moving on.

Click here to VOTE NOW on our 5th Anniversary Activities

Will you be in Walt Disney World on February 11? Join us for the WDW Radio Meet of the Month and 5 Year Anniversary Party at BabyCakes NYC in Downtown Disney! Click here for more information


But wait! There’s more!!

Because we all believe in the power of Disney in bringing magic to others’ lives, we couldn’t let this occasion go by without helping make a difference for others.  We are now taking orders for a limited edition WDW Radio Family 5th Anniversary pin.  ALL proceeds from the sale of this pin will benefit the Dream Team Project, which has given over $150,000 to date to the Make A Wish Foundation.  You can visit the WDW Radio Shop to order this limited pin.

But wait! There’s STILL more!!

We want to give The Box People a chance to win some AWESOME WDW Radio Swag! In an effort to build the ULTIMATE anniversary slide show, we are asking you to send in your favorite WDW Radio photos.  Were you on the WDW Radio Cruise?  Have you been to Magic Meets?  How about one of those meets of the month?  Or, did you catch Lou and the gang during hour 30 (shudder) of the 40 hour show?  Send us your photos!! We will be building a slide show (to be posted on the blog and shown LIVE during the anniversary party), and we want YOUR pictures!  10 submissions will be selected at random to receive a WDW Radio Family 5th Anniversary gift. Email your photos to photos@wdwradio.com

And Wait—there’s EVEN more!!!!

A WDW Radio event wouldn’t be complete without a REALLY cool prize, right?  Thanks to our friends at MEI-Mouse Fan Travel, we will have an amazing gift to the winner of the “Ultimate WDW Radio Family Member Trivia Contest”– a 6 night vacation at Walt Disney World! Questions will be posted online by January 25, and you will have until Saturday February 4 to enter.  The winner of this amazing prize will be announced during the anniversary show on February 11.

Click here to enter the WDW Radio Ultimate Trivia Contest

Nothing in the world is more powerful than the strength and togetherness of a family.  We hope this special day will give us all the chance to spend with one another, virtually or in person, and celebrate the special bond we share.  If you have any questions or ideas for this special day, please send me a note at Christy@WDWRadio.com