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Disney Product Review: 3D Puzzle

Product Name: MEGA Puzzles Mickey Mouse 3D Breakthrough Puzzle

Retail Price: $19.99

Good Features: This is a very unique puzzle.  At first, it starts out like a “traditional” puzzle.  After completing the flat (2-D) pieces, you then are faced with the more challenging task of creating a 3-D element to incorporate into the 2-D image.  The finished effect is unique and visually appealing.

Drawbacks: Honestly, with all due respect to the product testing process that I know companies engage in, whoever thought this puzzle was designed for kids 8+ clearly does not work with children who are 8 (or 9 or 10…..).  This 40+ mom spent about 4 hours fighting with the foldable features, after my children (2 eight years olds and a six year old who thinks he is 30) valiantly tried but threw their hands up in frustration.  The paper used to create the 3-D image is sturdy, though not forgiving to young hands whose fine motor-skills are not fully developed and may “fold” the pieces multiple times.


  • The puzzle style is available with a variety of Disney characters, including Minnie Mouse, Lightning McQueen, and the Princesses (Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella).
  • In addition, be aware this is a “one time only” puzzle.  In order to attach the 3-D element to the poster, you need to glue together the 2-D element and then flip it over to attach the clips.  If your family enjoys re-doing puzzles, this one may not be for you.
  • The puzzle comes in 3 “skill levels” (easy–ages 6+, moderate–ages 8+, and advanced–ages 12+).  The characters and images vary according to the difficulty level.

Overall: I love new and different Disney products and was delighted when discovering this new product.  I was admittedly frustrated by assembling the 3D elements, though my feelings stemmed largely from my kids’ disappointment over not being able to participate fully in the process of building the puzzle.  We love our finished product (even with its 2 chewed pieces, courtesy of the black lab pup).  Families who purchase this product should set their expectations realistically about the amount of time involved and the level of adult “assistance” required to complete the 3D elements.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Mickeys, based on the process of assembling.  4 of out 5 for the finished product.

You can easily purchase this product through this link:

Mickey Mega Block Puzzle