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DIS-Similarities: The Silverball Museum, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Hi, friends.  It’s been quite a spell since I last shared with you some of my DIS*Similarities–my goofy name (ha!) for those places, events, people, sounds (and even smells) in the world around us that trigger a happy Disney memory because they are similar to something in Walt Disney World.  And because they make the magic feel, well…. not so far away after all!

Recently, I had the chance to visit the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Located right along the Boardwalk, this endearing “museum” is a pinball machine enthusiast’s dream.  Tucked away in the unassuming building, just across the street from the legendary Stone Pony nightclub (<3 Bruce!), this museum is anything but a “look but don’t touch” tribute to pinball machines.  Visitors can purchase an hourly pass to look at–and PLAY!–these vintage pinball machines.  Most of the machines have an informational plaque resting atop, identifying the year the machine was made and detailing some of its history.  To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the sheer variety of pinball machines and really developed a better appreciation for the technology and sophistication behind current machines.

While my husband and children had a field day playing these incredible pieces of amusement history, I found my mind wandering, as usual, to Disney, and found a number of the pinball machines had references to my favorite, magical place.  The pictures below are of some of the machines I enjoyed that had a Disney reference in my mind.  I hope you see the connections!

And if you ever are in the New Jersey area, I’d highly recommend a piece of nostalgic history in the Silverball Museum.  The employees were gracious enthusiasts who love sharing their passion–just like us Disney fans!


Space Mission/Mission Space… this machine reminded me of an attraction I still haven’t mustered the courage to ride!!







Who doesn’t love an Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, pinball style?  🙂






It isn’t super clear, but down on the bottom there is a “shout out” to Pleasure Isle, our old favorite evening hangout.







And in another nod to Disney days gone by, this pinball machine could have been in the arcade at the old Dixie Landings!







It never occurred to me that there could be a pinball machine devoted to the Twilight Zone!  (Maybe Disney could install some of these near the exits to the Tower of Terror to entertain those who are waiting for family members to emerge from the ride!)







I couldn’t pass by this pinball machine without thinking of Walt Disney’s debut of it’s a small world at the 1964 World’s fair!





It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t finish off with a Hidden Mickey.  Yeah, I know–it’s not the best in the world.  But I gave it a shot!









I hope you enjoyed my little virtual tour–Disney Style–of the Silverball Museum.  If YOU find Disney references in your everyday travels, please drop me a note (and pictures!) and we can feature them in the blog.  You can reach me at Christy@WDWRadio.com  Until next time, my friends!!  🙂