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WDW Radio Kids & Teens Day: Cruise Line Sit-Down Dining Overview

by Jessica S.

Sit Down Dining

The Dining on the Disney Cruise is always amazing! I look forward to dinner every day when I’m aboard the ship.  The food is always great and the waiters are so much fun to be around.

The Magic/Wonder

There are 3 main restaurants that you rotate from every night–this way you can experience every restaurant. Those three restaurants on the Magic and Wonder are: Animator’s Palate, Lumiere’s, and Parrot Cay on the Magic/ Wonder.  I would say that the most liked restaurant by kids and teens would be either Parrot Cay or Animator’s Palate because they are the most fun and enjoyable for a kid/teen. Lumiere’s is the fancier of the three, when you dine at Lumiere’s you should usually wear something nicer than shorts and tank top. Most people wear a pair of jeans and nice shirt or a sun dress (you don’t have to look to fancy but you should look nice.)  Animator’s Palate is the most fun for younger kids because at one point during the night the walls and pictures light up around you. Parrot Cay is very colourful and fun to be in, everything is very vibrant; including the chairs, napkins and tables. My personal favourite restaurant is ‘Animator’s Palate’ because I always find it fun, another great thing about this restaurant is that it is one of most air-conditioned. This is great when you are coming back from a hot day at the pool or island, but on the other hand it can get very cold, so I suggest bringing a sweater. In the end, all of the restaurants aboard the cruise are great!


The Dream

The sit-down restaurants aboard the Disney Dream are amazing! There is ‘Enchanted Garden’, ‘Royal Palace’ and ‘Animators Palate’. I loved all 3, but my favourite has to be ‘Animators Palate.’  There is an ‘Animators Palate’ on the Magic and Wonder, but the one on the Dream is totally different and amazing! The one on the Dream has interactive screens all around the room where Nemo and his friends can talk to you while you are eating dinner. You can interact with Nemo and his friends; it’s a lot of fun for everyone. Enchanted Garden is a Tinkerbell/Fairy themed restaurant.  It has a lot of blues and greens in the décor, and it is a very pretty place with a big fountain in the middle. I love this restaurant because you feel like you walked into a fairy tale when you step inside. Royal Palace is the fanciest restaurant on board the Disney Dream.   It has pictures of princesses along the walls. All in all, every restaurant on the Disney Dream couldn’t be better.


On all of the ships they have themed nights during dinner, one night it could be formal and then next night it could be Cultural. Whenever there is a themed night, they do some sort of parade/show in the restaurant. Once in a while the characters might make a surprise appearance, which is always fun!  I would suggest never missing dinner on a Disney Cruise because all of the restaurants are amazing!


Jessica is 13 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada. She has been going on Disney Cruises since the age of 5. So far she has been on 13 Disney Cruises which include; two transatlantic cruises (from Barcelona to Florida), two Christmas cruises and a Mexican Rivera cruise. She was also aboard the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream last January.  In April she will be going on the 15 day Disney Cruise to Hawaii.