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Wanna Be Imagineers: Sit Back and Relax!

“Start with a question to discover if there is an opportunity for creativity.”

~Dave Crawford, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Show/Ride Engineering

(quoted in The Imagineering Workout: Exercises to Shape Your Creative Muscles, by the Disney Imagineers)

Our pursuit of the creative and thought-provoking challenges like those that may face Disney’s hallowed Imagineers brings us this week to a new realm: furniture!  As Disney’s Art of Imagination Resort prepares to open, I have pored over the pictures of the new buildings (see here for blog announcements and room images) and marveled at the task of creating not just a hotel room—but a story-telling environment!  Can you imagine the unending supply of ideas that must be evoked during that creative process?

In a nod to those who have created the newest of these amazing “homes away from home,” I have selected this chair as this week’s “wanna-be Imagineer” picture.  And, in the spirit of Dave Crawford’s quotation, I have provided some questions for you to consider when imagineering this chair in to the Disney landscape:

1. In which Disney Resort hotel lobby would this chair fit in as part of the storytelling?  How?

2. Which Disney character could you see hanging out on this chair?  Why?

3. If this chair could become part of the “Living Character Initiative” (think of Push in Tomorrowland), what would it say to guests who walked by?

Don’t miss this opportunity to be creative!!   Share your thoughts and add some questions of your own in the comments section below!

Have a great week, all!  May the Fourth be with you!!  😉