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WDW Radio Kids & Teens Day: Speak Up!

by Makena W.

Now, before I begin, this blog could be considered a sequel to one of my first blogs: “Add More Smiles To Your Disney Day!” ( https://www.wdwradio.com/2011/12/wdw-radio-kids-teens-day-add-more-smiles-to-your-disney-day/) It features things that can put a smile on somebody else’s face. But what makes these activities a little different is that they involve talking instead of doing. I recommend trying these on your next visit to The Happiest Place on Earth.

I am a very shy girl, but you can ask all my friends that once I get to know you, I become crazy. Insane, even.  But once I get to my laughing place, I am truly who I really am. I talk to everybody in sight and laugh out loud. In reality, you will never see these people again! Why not show your true colors? My point to this little rant is that you shouldn’t be shy in Walt Disney World. If you love this place from the bottom of your heart, you shouldn’t care what people think of you. Here are ideas that you could consider doing during your next visit to Walt Disney World, whether you are a shy girl like me or as outgoing as Belle.

  • Scream “Rock On!” on the Rock N Roller Coaster.
  • Exclaim “Not our dino!” when a bus drives by and it’s not yours.

If you have ever ridden the ride DINOSAUR! at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you are aware of the famous line, “not our dino!” when you pass the dinosaur that you are not trying to bring back to the present. Try saying this famous quote as you are waiting for your bus or boat. If a bus drives by and it doesn’t belong to your resort, exclaim “not our dino!” just like the ride. I have never done this before, but I am looking forward to trying it next trip! It is sure to get a chuckle from Disney regulars when you are leaving Animal Kingdom.

  • During the pre-show or the actual experience of the Tower of Terror, say “I just wanted to book a room!”

I thought of this just a few minutes ago and I am planning on doing this next time. Imagine the laughs you would get!

  • Talk to the person you are paired with if you are in the single rider line.

This always leads to interesting results. My last trip to Disney was also my first time riding Expedition Everest since it was my first time to Animal Kingdom since this attraction opened. I loved this ride and it is now my favorite in Animal Kingdom. Anyway, I wanted to ride it one more time, but no other members of my family cared to join me so I hopped into the single riders line. When I sat into the train that would take me on my adventure in the Himalayas, I realized the man to my left had an Australian accent. While waiting for our train to depart, we talked about where we were from and how long our stays were. While slowly creeping up the steep uphill track towards the beginning of the ride, we talked about how it was his first time on this ride I gave him advice before we plunged into the cold mountain. At the part of the ride (SPOILER ALERT) when your train arrives at the tracks broken up by the yeti, I timed my next sentence just right to the music. Since it was his first time on Expedition Everest, he didn’t know what happened next. I said “Now THIS is where it gets interesting!” Following that statement, we shot back into the darkness of the yeti’s home. I will never forget Australian-accent-man.

  • Say “Mele Kalikimaka” to a Cast Member at the Polynesian around Christmas time.

In 2008, I went to Disney World around Christmas. We stopped at the Polynesian to check out the small holiday displays. Now, let me rewind a little bit. When I was five, my mom taught me how to say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian-Mele Kalikimaka. Over the next few years, I obviously adapted to saying it more fluently. Now, back to 2008. We were passing by O’hana when I saw a Cast Member waiting to show guests to their tables. I walked up to her and said “Mele Kalikimaka!” She just stood there, stunned. “Well Mele Kalikimaka to you!” she responded. When I turned to walk away, she shouted, “Wait! Say it again!” And I did. Then this Cast Member called her friend (who also worked there) over, and told me to say it again. Then, they called the manager over, and I said it again. They were all astonished that I could say it so flawlessly. This might be one of my favorite Disney Park memories ever.

  • Tell a Cast Member in DinoLand U.S.A “Dig ya later!”

This is self-explanatory. Dinosaurs=extinct. Extinct=fossils. Fossils=digging. Do you get it? (Or should I say, do you dig it?)

  • Talk to or comfort the people behind you in line.

When I get off a thrill ride like Mission: SPACE or Test Track, a child or teen usually takes my place. Sometimes this person is scared out of their wits, and sometimes they are kids older than me who think they are tough. If it is a young child or a child my age, I say how much fun the ride was and that I hope they have the time of their lives. If it is a kid who I can tell is trying to act tough or is treating his family or friends badly I always say “That was so scary! I can’t believe it whipped us around like that!” or “When that thing popped out, I was so terrified!” But beware, DO NOT do this if little kids are around. That would be devastating to them! But the look on the poser’s face is priceless!

  • Place bets on Kali River Rapids.

I do this on all “raft rides.” When you hop on your circular raft and start going up that first lift, place bets on who will get wet first. Try to get everybody involved to make it a memorable experience for you and 11 others. I have made many friends this way. I met a 16 year old from California and a 13 year old from Ohio through this idea. Plus it is always fun to laugh out loud if you are right!


I hope you have a wonderful time trying out these ideas and maybe even make new friends. Leave a comment down below if you have your own idea or if you had an experience by speaking.  I would enjoy receiving feedback!

I want to thank all of you who replied to my last blog with a comment – the amount I received was a personal record –     I enjoyed reading all of them!

This week’s “Where in The World?” picture is taken in a specific place. It is probably the hardest one yet!   So, Where In The World Was This Picture Taken?

See ya REAL soon!