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WDW Radio Newswire: Art of Animation Ready For Its Big Debut

Plus…Final Celebrity Spot Filled For The Third Star Wars Weekend,

Reminder About Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and More!

by Don Myers

First I’d like to wish all the mom’s out there, especially my Mom, Kim, a very Happy Mother’s Day! And now, it’s time for the latest edition of the WDW Radio Newswire…

Thursday, May 31st. That’s when Walt Disney World’s newest Resort, Art of Animation, opens up its doors along the shores of Hourglass Lake. And according to the White Rabbit’s trusty watch, the very important date is just over two weeks away! However, only one of the four wings, Finding Nemo, will be opening on that date. The other three wings will be welcoming in their first Guests later this Summer. The Cars section is slated for a June 18th opening, and the Lion King is scheduled to follow suit on August 10th. Little Mermaid will round out the quartet, with an opening date of September 15th on tap. And for you aquatic lovers, there are going to be not one, not two, but three swimming pools featured at the Resort! The Main Feature Pool is located in the Finding Nemo section, and has been appropriately titled the Big Blue Pool. The other two swimming pools are smaller. One can be found in the Cars area, while the other is located in the Little Mermaid wing. They have also received clever names, as they have been dubbed the Cozy Cone Pool (Cars) and the Flippin’ Fins Pool (Mermaid), respectfully.

Now let’s head into the Parks. Our first stop is the Magic Kingdom. More specifically, Fantasyland, where tarps have just popped up at it’s a small world. It doesn’t appear as if the attraction will be experiencing any downtime as a result of this construction however, as all indications point to this simply being the latest in a long line of exterior refurbishment projects around the Park

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for one of Fantasyland’s other attractions, Snow White’s Scary Adventures. The opening day dark ride is scheduled to drift into the realm of extinction in just over two weeks time, so if you plan on experiencing the ride one more time before it’s gone forever, you’ve got until Wednesday May 30th to do so. On Thursday May 31st, the attraction closes its doors for good to make room for Princess Fairytale Hall, an all-new meet and greet experience scheduled to open up in 2014.

Now let’s Park Hop from the Magic Kingdom over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where there is a small bit of news to report on the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Indy will be going on a two-day hiatus later this month, as there will be no performances of the stunt show on Wednesday May 16th or Thursday May 17th. But fear not; as Dr. Jones will be back in action on Friday May 18th, just in time for the kickoff of the 2012 edition of Star Wars Weekends!

Speaking of Star Wars Weekends, the final celebrity spot for the third weekend has finally been confirmed. The spot now belongs to Catherine Taber, the voice behind Anakin’s one true love, Padme Amidala, in the Clone Wars series. Back in the April 19th edition of the Newswire, I detailed the complete list of Celebrity Guests for all four weekends, which can be viewed at:


Well, that’s gonna do it for today’s update. But I’ll be back again soon with another edition of the WDW Radio Newswire