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Missing Disney? Host a Disney Planning Day!

by Emma Godbold

There can be many factors (location, funds, special offers etc) as to why many of us have to book our Walt Disney World vacations far in advance and often have months or even years to wait until our next trip.

We all have different ways of filling our time and counting down to that all important departure date so today I thought I would share a particular favourite of mine – THE DISNEY PLANNING DAY!  This particular way of creating a little Disney magic can be shared with your partner, family or a group of friends….that way everyone going on the WDW trip can get involved.

My mother and I are both Disney nuts and love nothing more that researching and planning each other’s next trip to the World. We usually get together about six and a half months before a trip and have a Disney themed day. Not only do we read, talk and eat Disney but I’ve even been known to wear my favourite WDW t-shirt for the day to get into the spirit!

The morning will start off by getting out our vacation paperwork and any reference books we’ll want to refer to. If possible we’ll also usually have two laptops open; so that we can cross-reference websites and information!! We’ll play some Disney-themed music in the background (or one of those great Magic Kingdom audio guides by Lou Mongello!) and then we’ll look at everything we want to achieve that day. It’s usually things like looking at park hours, crowd calendars, behind the scenes tours or ADR’s. The availability of the information that you want to look at will often determine when you schedule your planning day.

After a couple of hours of browsing the Internet and singing along to our Disney music it will be time for lunch. As part of the planning day we like to have a lunch that reminds us of some of our favourite foods to eat in WDW; such as mac ‘n’ cheese, biscuits and cupcakes. Whilst snacking on our lunch we’ll watch a Disney planning DVD or one of our favourite Disney films.

Once we’re full of our American fare we’ll have another couple of hours researching and planning. It’s lovely to see how much information you can find in one day and make notes of what else you’d like to do before your trip.

The best thing about Disney planning days is that they can be changed to suit you and your family. If you’re not into ‘extreme planning’ like my mum and I, why not have a day revisiting the parks and resorts on various Disney websites? If you want to get your children involved why not use the day to draw up a list of the top five things you each want to see or do during your vacation?

If you have a long time to wait for your vacation you might have more than one planning day; if so you could take it in turns to choose the music you listen to or the film you watch. You could even let your children make the WDW themed lunch; learning recipes and cooking makes the day educational as well as fun!!!

Why not comment below and share how you build up the magical anticipation of your next trip to Walt Disney World!  😀

Emma Godbold lives in the East of England and has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was a teenager. In between trips, Emma can be found reading about Disney history or researching and planning her next Disney vacation. She also writes her own blog at www.daydreamingdisney.com.