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Wanna Be Disney Imagineers: We Are Out of this World!

Welcome back, everyone!

Recently I was in New York City and had the thrilling chance to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise being placed atop the USS Intrepid. I stood among hundreds of awestruck onlookers as this symbol of American ingenuity was lowered onto a symbol of American strength.  I was proud to see how many people stopped from the busy-ness of Manhattan to watch this moment in time.

As I rode the ferry back to beloved New Jersey, my thoughts–typically–turned to Disney.  With all the shuttles being relocated, I started to imagine what Disney would have done with a retired space shuttle.  I mean, sure, it will be amazing to tour the shuttle, but my gut instinct is that if a shuttle were located next to, say Mission: Space (the obvious choice), Disney would have found some very innovative, though honorable, ways to make use of this piece of American history.

So, my fellow Wanna-be Imagineers:  What do you think?  If you were a Disney Imagineer, and NASA called you to ask what you would do with a shuttle if it were given to Disney, what would you dream up?  Post your ideas in the comments below!