Wanna-be Imagineers: What do YOU Want to Learn about Disney?

According to a June 22 press release from Disney, a group of engineers, scientists , and astrophysicists were recent guests of the Walt Disney Resort for a presentation entitled “Science Behind the Magic,” led by Manager of Simulation and Analysis of Engineering division, Michael Tschanz.

A part of NASA’s 25th annual International Space University Special Space Studies Program, the event was held at the Contemporary Resort and was directed at preparing “post-graduate science and engineering students for careers in aeronautics.”  As Disney explained,  “The nine-week program, sponsored by NASA, exposes professionals in aerospace, aeronautical, and other related fields to an intensive, unique educational experience.”

The 175 participants of the one-day workshop learned about the  “complex mathematical and physical models of ride systems, transportation systems, Audio-Animatronics and other technological innovations at the company.”

The news of this presentation made the teacher in me curious, and made the Wanna-be Imagineer in me daydream…  If I could design an in-depth, educational program at Disney–to be presented to guests–what would I want to teach about?  More importantly, what would guests want to LEARN about in the Walt Disney resort?  History of the American Revolution through an analysis of Liberty Square?  A review of international architectural history with an EPCOT backdrop?  Habitats and ecology at the Animal Kingdom?  Can you imagine the education that younger guests could receive?

So, wanna-be Imagineers, join me in an educational moment: What do YOU wish you could learn about while AT Walt Disney World?  Tell us your ideas and how you think it should be taught!


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