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Christmas Trees Around “The World”

by Makena W.

Christmas in July is almost over. We have picked out our stocking stuffers, created our ornaments, and made our wish lists. But what would Christmas be like if we didn’t have Christmas trees? Take a stroll along with me to see my Favorite Walt Disney World Christmas Trees.

Number 4- The Swan and Dolphin

This tree is unique and you can tell what makes it its own right off the bat: It’s not green and the tree isn’t a tree after all. It is made of white poinsettia flowers. Blue balls and gold bows hang from the stems and, even though this tree is simple, I love how they created their own tree made out of flowers. It’s fairly simple ornament-wise with only two styles, but the tree would look too crowded with too many styles of ornaments, so the simplicity helps the tree unlike hurting it when the tree is, well, a tree. Did that make sense? Probably not. Anyway, don’t forget to resort hop on your next trip to the world to check this tree out (and others too!)


Number 3- Epcot

This tree, located in the World Showcase Plaza, reflects what Epcot is all about in a nut shell (or nutcracker shell! Can I get a high five for that one? No? Okay). It shows how everybody all over the world can come together to share a common cause, be kind to one another, and work on the future. On the tree are many ways to say “Merry Christmas”, including “God Jul” (Swedish) and   “Buon Natale” (Italian). At the bottom are presents wrapped in paper so that it is easy to identify which present comes from which country. One is wrapped in paper that shows pride for the United Kingdom area. On one of the presents is a huge tag that says “Epcot”, just in case you couldn’t see the big silver ball behind it. The ornaments on the tree are festive and colorful. There are classic spheres that are all the colors of the rainbow and bells that sparkle even though the sky is dark. Some globes hang around, further explaining the story of unity. Every once in a while you will find an ornament with a flag on it. This tree isn’t exactly hard to miss!


Number  2- Osborne Family of Lights

Okay, so “go with me here” on this one (WDW Radio reference!) and let me explain. Some people might not classify this as a Christmas tree, but it displays Christmas spirit and is cone shaped. In my book, this is a Christmas tree-just made out of 58,000 blue lights instead of branches. It’s located in The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At the top, an angel flaps its wings. The angel is made out of lights. Actually, basically everything in this section is made out of lights. The strands of lights aren’t tight together, so you can see through them to the other side, which some people may dislike but I love. The only thing that could make this tree better is if you could go inside it. Since it is not a living plant and just strings hanging, they should have an area where there are no lights, kind of like a doorway. You could go inside and, from the right angle, you won’t even see where the “doorway” would be! Wouldn’t that be an amazing photo opportunity?


Number 1-Animal Kingdom Lodge: Lobby and Gift Shop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               My favorite trees on property are the trees at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I believe it really reflects the story the resort is telling you through the ornaments and garland (or lack thereof). These trees aren’t traditional at all – they are unique and very hard to emulate in your own home. Unlike traditional trees, there is no garland and no tree toppers. Typically, the only thing that can be found on both the Christmas tree in your home and on this enormous plant is the glistening lights. What I love about lights in general on Christmas trees is they show the spirit of the holidays. My faces lights up just like the bulbs whenever I see Christmas lights. So having them on the Animal Kingdom Lodge tree is an added bonus. Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. Anyway, what marks these trees as their own are the ornaments. You won’t find any ornaments showing kids sledding or colorful spheres rebounding an image of yourself! All the ornaments look homemade (they probably are!) and straight from Africa.

The massive tree in the lobby really gives it a home-y feeling and makes the holiday seem complete. There are small congas made out of bamboo, woven bowls and baskets, plus beads on strings hanging like curtains fit for a mouse. I am fascinated by African culture and objects, so this tree made me smile extra wide when I saw it for the first time.

Since the gift shop tree is so small, I didn’t think it counted so I paired it up with the lobby tree instead of making it its own number. This tree is only about 7 feet tall, but also has African-themed decorations. There are fewer decorations on this tree, though. Not just because it is a smaller tree, but also because the ornaments (although they really are more like decorations on this tree) are larger. There are full size congas, a lion mask, and other various instruments that they sell in the gift shop. This tree has a lot of detail for a little size (well, it’s little compared to the other trees!)

If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World during the holidays or have been but didn’t specifically look for Christmas trees, you really should consider going back. When my family visited during the holidays in 2008, we actually resort-hopped just so we could see all of the trees. Even the ones I didn’t mention today are marvelous and worth the trip to look at them. Of course, the Very Merry Christmas Party doesn’t hurt either!

What is YOUR favorite Walt Disney World tree during the holidays?  Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Okay, it’s time to move onto the Where in the World picture. This picture is a tree in Walt Disney World, but did I mention it in this blog? Where in the World was this picture taken?

See ya REAL soon!
~Makena W.