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Disney Holiday Items You WISH You Could Bring Home!

by Makena W.

We all love the Disney Store. It is the connection we need to purchase Disney merchandise… Whether you use the Disney Store’s website or you go to your local mall and stop by the Disney Store (R.I.P my local Disney Store), they have a huge variety of products that show the holiday spirit. When you see this merchandise, you have to decide between buying the ornament or the sweatshirt, the tree topper or the stockings. Most people don’t think about what else they want to see. Here are a few ideas of products I believe Disney should sell around the holidays.

Christmas Fragrance
I am a big fan of the Disney Fragrance collections. The 5 scents released are Imagination, Magic, Pixie Dust, Wonder, and A Princess Wish. Imagination and Wonder were aimed to be candles and room spray rather than perfume.  Magic, Pixie Dust and Princess Wish are better as perfumes. Now, everybody remembers that scent that fills the air when the gingerbread house passes by during the Christmas Parade. Disney should turn this memorable scent into a fragrance! Maybe call it “Clarabelle’s Kitchen” or simply “Holiday.” Pixie Dust right now is my favorite but it would be the gingerbread scent if Disney did sell it.

Mickey’s Bubble Wrap
Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? Everybody has popped bubble wrap before, whether by jumping on it, pinching it, or sitting on it! The enjoyment of popping bubble wrap is indescribable.  But what could make it better? Filling the bubbles with CONFETTI!!! Mickey confetti, to be exact. Just imagine it, you are opening up a gift from one of your relatives and you see bubble wrap surrounding the fragile present. No, not just any bubble wrap, but Disney’s special Christmas bubble wrap called “Mickey’s Bubble Wrap”.  You go to pop a bubble, and notice that instead of being able to see right through the plastic, you see a mix of different colors. You proceed to pop the bubble, and the colors spill out in the form of Mickey confetti! I wouldn’t mind getting just bubble wrap instead of a gift (well, some gifts).

Christmas Disney Dollars
For a limited time, Disney should sell Christmas Disney Dollars. Disney Dollars are now unavailable for purchase at the Disney Store (having been replaced by plastic cards), but I think from November – January they should bring our favorite form of currency back with a holiday theme. They could have a code on them that you can enter online like a gift card so you can use it online too. (Let’s face it. If you have Disney Dollars you are probably not going to want to use them because you have to turn them in.) The characters could be dressed in their outfits celebrating the season and on the back of each bill could be a picture of Cinderella Castle with the twinkling icicle lights and fireworks. I would love that!

Over-sized Christmas wreath
If you have ever seen the Contemporary during the holiday season, you can’t miss the big wreath hanging on the side of the resort. Instead of this decoration being shaped like a simple circle, it is three, which of course make the silhouette of the mouse himself. The Disney Store already sells a regular sized Mickey wreath which I would like to think is inspired by this one, but what if they sold a bigger one? Not as big as the Contemporary’s of course, but a decent size for a tall window. Maybe the “head” of the Mickey Wreath would have a six feet diameter. That might seem big, but some houses have REALLY big windows. It would be great if you could also request a size that they can custom make for you so it fits perfectly in your window.

The next time you go hunting for some Disney Christmas decorations, let your imagination run wild with ideas about different decor.

So, tell me, readers: What Disney Holiday decorations do you wish Disney would develop and sell? Leave a comment below!

See ya REAL soon!
~Makena W.

Quote of The Week: “Haunt me no longer!” Ebenezer Scrooge, Disney’s A Christmas Carol.