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Ask Maggie! – Best Walt Disney World Rides for Kids 6-14

by Maggie

What do you suggest as a must see for kids ages 6-14?

Great question! I have many “must sees” for kids that age, so I will just share my top five. Most of them are in the Magic Kingdom, which is my top park for kids that age. But, there is much fun to be had in the other parks too.

Journey Into Imagination!!
Take a journey into the Imagination Institute for an open house with Dr. Nigel Channing. Take a tour in the sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste labs. Dr. Channing just discovered the Figment Of Imagination or Figment for short. When you leave, Figment might just want to come along!

You will find this ride in Epcot’s Future World. The reason I like this ride is because of the music, interaction, and of course imagination. The song at the end of the ride, “One Little Spark” by the Sherman Brothers, gets stuck in your head. You exit the ride into a fun imagination “playground” and of course a shop. In the “playground,” you can create your own Figment, make music with Figment, and for the little ones, there is a small glowing floor with musical instruments on it.

# 4
Monsters INC. Laugh Floor
This experience is based after the movie, Monsters Inc, when Mike and Sully turn the Scream Factory into the Laugh Factory. Instead of going into our world, the monsters decided to bringing us into their world. Thus, the Laugh Floor. You and your family will have a wonderful time as the monsters entertain you with their hilarious jokes and actions.

I love this attraction because of the comedy and memories you will make as a family. We always make sure to go at least once when were are there. It can be found in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland.

# 3
Jungle Cruise
Take a journey into deep jungles with your hilarious skipper. Make sure you say bye to the dock! You will love the interaction your family can have on this amazing adventure through the “wildlife” as you laugh at your skipper’s jokes. If you don’t laugh, he will also be your swimming instructor.

I love this ride because it is so funny and there are amazing animatronics. The animals look so real! You will find this ride in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.

# 2
“it’s a small world”

This ride is for children of all ages. Have fun on this journey around the world… in a boat!!! On your way, you will be greeted by “children” from many different countries. They will be laughing, singing, dancing and of course smiling!! All the different dances the animatronics do are from their country. My favorite is Hawaii because of the hula.

I love this ride because of the amazing detail in the animatronics, music and the just plain fun. A fun thing to do as you ride around is try to guess what country you’re in. You can also try to do the dances that the “children” are doing. My mom and I always do the hula in our seat. You will find this ride in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.

# 1
Haunted Mansion

If you’re looking for a fun scare, then this is definitely the place to be. Go on your tour of the Haunted Mansion with your “ghost host.” You will go through the mansion and meet a few happy haunts on the way while riding in a black doombuggy. The first thing you will find is the stretching room. Here’s a tip, if you have young children, do not stand in the center of the room or look up when it gets dark.

The reason I like this ride is because of the music, gloomy cheerfulness, and “The Bride”. I thought I would be scared of this ride and refused to go with my parents until a couple of years ago. Now, it’s my favorite. Watch out for hitchhiking ghosts.

Those are my top five rides at Walt Disney World. What’s your favorite ride?

Thanks to Kbrady for asking this question. If you want to “Ask Maggie” a question, put it in the comments below.


Maggie is ten years old and was born into a “Disney family.” She has been to Walt Disney World and/or Disney Cruise Line every year of her life.  She hopes one day to be an actress.