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What will you be for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

by Makena W.

With Halloween in almost a month, the debut of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was a few weeks ago. This is a time to celebrate fall and, well, get candy. A lot of people dress up for Halloween, and being in Disney is no different.   Adults and children come to the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party outfitted in their favorite costumes.  You might arrive dressed as Minnie then see 15 other Minnie’s walking around. If you want to have a unique costume for the party of your life, keep reading!  Thanks to Sammie Kay and Backside of Water who suggested and helped inspire this blog.

Dapper Dan
If you have never seen the Dapper Dans, they are 4 men who create a brilliant quartet and have fun while singing.  Each one is featured in a different color: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple.  They wear jackets or vests with vertical stripes, alternating between white and their respected color.  Under the jackets are white shirts and a corresponding tie.  The bottom half of their outfit is pants that match their assigned color.  Wide brim straw hats with colored ribbon are also a necessity.  If you can sing, then it makes this idea even better.  And if you really wanted to go all out, print out a picture that looks like a Disney nametag and pin it on your jacket!  I am sure the Dapper Dans would get a kick out of your costume!

Chimney Sweep
These friendly fellas from Mary Poppins would be a great person to imitate for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  Another good thing about being a chimney sweep is that it works whether you are a woman or a man.  All you need is black pants, black shoes, a black shirt (or a black vest with a colored shirt underneath) and a black hat.  I believe that the girls would look best with their hair in a high ponytail.  You can also put black chalk on your face so that it looks like you just came out of a chimney.  If it is cold the night of the party, bring a black scarf.  Basically, wear a lot of black.  If you happen to run into Mary Poppins or Bert, they will comment on your well-designed costume!

The Redhead from Pirates of The Caribbean
“We want the redhead!”  One of the most famous (or infamous) quotes from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride caused this costume idea to pop up in my head.  During the auction scene in the ride, you see that a girl in a red dress is being auctioned off.  It is here when the quote was born.  Many people like to dress up as pirates, but why be ordinary?  A pink dress with a pink floppy hat would be perfect to portray this beauty.  Of course, you can’t be this redhead without red hair!  A Merida wig would work out fine, but if you can’t find one, try to go with a little darker color.  This fine lady also wears a black necklace with a gold pendant hanging from it.  You can simply make this by buying a gold centerpiece for a necklace from a local craft store and some black ribbon.  Put the pendant on the ribbon and tie it around your neck.  There you go, you have your necklace!  The Cast members at Pirates of The Caribbean will surely appreciate your costume!

Walt Disney
Walt Disney could be done in many ways.   You could wear a suit and slick your hair back.  Or you can have a sweater vest with a white shirt under it – don’t forget to roll up the cuffs just a little bit.  What is most important though is getting the face right. If you don’t have a mustache, you can either buy a fake mustache or draw one on with mascara or a sharpie marker (although a sharpie mustache will be on your face for days).  Walt’s eyebrows are important also.  They are slightly curved towards the side of his face.  You can either draw them one ( a girl can help you with that) or actually get your eyebrows shaped.  If you don’t have black hair, black hair dye should so the trick (you would also need it for you eyebrows and mustache if you have one). Women can adopt a family look by portraying Lily Disney.  I am positive that EVERYBODY will love your look if you pull it off right.

Christopher Robin
This is for the guys who don’t want to go “dressed up” and want to wear regular clothes.  Christopher Robin wears a yellow polo, blue shorts and red converse sneakers with white socks almost every time he joins his friends in the One Hundred Acre Wood.  If it is cold the night of the party, a red scarf would be a great accessory.  If you meet Winnie The Pooh or any of his pals, I am sure that he would be thrilled to see you dressed as his best friend!  Better yet, it requires no shopping or itchy costumes! This is also great if you are surprising a little boy with a trip.  Instead of packing a costume (which he might notice is missing around Halloweentime), just pack blue shorts and a yellow polo and you are good to go! This also works if you are surprising somebody who knows they are going to Walt Disney World, but not to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Graphic Tees
As a box friend recently did, you can purchase a shirt that is Disney-oriented and go with an “abstract costume”.  For example, you could go with a “Goodnight George” shirt (the phrase every Cast member at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride has to say before opening and closing the ride) or a “Backside of Water” shirt.  If you get really lucky, like my box friend, your Jungle Cruise skipper may even give you the seat of honor on the boat.  Depending on what your favorite ride or movie is, you can include inside jokes that others who enjoy the same movie or ride would recognize.  If you like Finding Nemo, a shirt that shares the address of where Nemo was taken (P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney) might be suitable for you.  If you like Push, the talking trashcan in Tomorrowland, consider purchasing a shirt that says “Push for President”.

If you love pajamas, you will love this idea.  Wendy’s style can be an easy thing to replicate.  There are a few ways you can pull this off.  One way is to buy a blue nightgown and tie your hair back with a ribbon. Another way is to buy a blue dress, so you aren’t actually going to Walt Disney World in your pajamas. Wendy’s hair is tied with a blue ribbon, which you can buy at any craft store.  Blue flats would be a great idea for your feet.  This is another style that is easy to pull off and great if you are surprising somebody with a trip to Disney or to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party.  It’s both practical and comfortable.

These ideas might have been meant for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party, but they are perfect for Halloween, also.  No matter what town you are in, Disney characters are always recognizable.  From the most subtle to the most obvious, choose a costume that suits your personality.  If you are planning to go to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party do not wear a mask, do not wear heavy makeup, do not go dressed as a princess if you are an adult, do not dress in anything that will confuse or scare kids …. Do have an amazing time!  Remember, Disney reserves the right to escort you out of the park if they feel your costume is inappropriate.

What are you planning to be this Halloween?

Leave a comment below sharing your creativity. I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween season!

See ya REAL soon!


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