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A Disney Playlist for Your Next Voyage: Disney Music for Every Trip

by Makena W.

A road trip (or even an airplane ride) should be positive and exciting but it often gets boring after many hours on the road.  To battle boredom and have fun with your car mates, how about a Disney play list to pass the miles and get everyone involved. Music can change a mood in 3 seconds.   If you passed my family vehicle on any adventure, you would probably wonder why there was so much singing and dancing going on (or we would just look like a bunch of nuts).  Here are some of my favorite songs from my playlist and maybe yours, too.

On My Way
“Yes, I’m on my way and I can’t keep the smile of my face.”
Phil Collins did it again with this brilliant tune.  This is a great one to sing, just because of the lyrics.  I have sung this each time we’ve pulled out of the driveway to go to Disney, whether we’re just driving a few miles to the airport or starting a long 16 hour journey.  If you think about it, it tells the story of going to where you belong.  Since Disney is my second home, this is the perfect first soundtrack on my road trip playlist.

I’ll Make a Man Out of You
“I’m never gonna catch my breath-say goodbye to those who knew me.”
Who doesn’t know this song?  It is one of the most recognizable Disney tracks.  This tune from Mulan made the list due to the fact that everybody knows the words so it is a lot of fun to sing to, especially with other people.  If you listen closely, you may notice that people’s voices seem to get really deep when they sing to particular lyrics.

One Jump Ahead
“Just a little snack guys.”
Aladdin’s solo song is very fast paced.  Everyone may not know the words but the beat is very entertaining and you can dance to it in the car (which is basically moving your arms and bobbing your head around).  The story line is also fun to act out.

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
“Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride.”
Lilo and Stitch isn’t well-known for the music, but it has a few good tunes.  One of them is Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.  It has a tropical feel to it, and is a lot of fun.  Some of the lyrics are in Hawaiian, which just adds to the entertainment.  It’s great to hear how everyone makes the Hawaiian words into a language of their own!  I have always had a connection with this song.  I have no idea why, but I love it.

Step In Time
“Never need a reason, never need a rhyme…”
Now, how could I have a road trip list without a Sherman brother’s song on it?  This song from Mary Poppins is one of my favorites.  It is very easy to catch onto, even if you don’t know the lyrics.  If you don’t know the words, you can hum it easily!

Prince Ali
“Make way for Prince Ali!”
Another Aladdin song made my list of favorite road trip songs.  This one is sung by the Genie during the parade scene in the movie and is another song that people make up their own words for.

Almost There
“There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now ‘cause I’m almost there.”
All of the music from “The Princess and the Frog” is joyful and upbeat, but this is my favorite one that fits those words.  It tells the story of Tiana’s desire for her business to succeed in the form of her restaurant.  She wanted to achieve this dream so much!  This is another one of these ironic road trip songs (‘cause I’m almost there).  This is a good, jazzy tune to start singing about an hour away from your destination.

Go The Distance
“I know every mile would be worth my while.”
My favorite song from Hercules is another great ballad to add to your playlist.  It might be a little slow (or a lot slow), but the lyrics describe what is going on when you are heading to a Disney destination.


Disney Mambo #5         

Everybody in the car so come on let’s ride.”    

Everyone may not be familiar with this Lou Bega  ditty but you have got to include it on any playlist.  How many Disney songs can you sing that mention Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, Huey, Dewey, Louie and, of course, the big mouse himself, Mickey. Not only that, but you cannot help but to move with this music.

My Disney playlist consists of over 5 ½ hours of road trip music.  You can put all of these songs on one CD or download them into a playlist of your own for your next trip.  If you have a lot of time, you can even choreograph a dance to do in the car ride.  Consider it a “mini personal flash mob” and surprise the other passengers in your car.  My brother and I are doing this and surprising my father and a few other passengers in our vehicle (we are driving down to Florida in 3 days!!!!).  Many people may not look forward to such a long ride but I am and it is going to be a lot of fun.

I failed to mention in my last weeks’ blog that Tony E. was correct in guessing the “Where in the World” picture.  It was, in fact, Prince Eric’s castle in the new Fantasyland.  This week’s “Where in the World?” is somewhere in an attraction. Can you name it?

See ya REAL soon!