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Ask Maggie: Best Disney Snacks for Kids!

by Maggie

Dear Maggie, What treats should my kids try other than the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream?

I myself used to be a huge vanilla ice cream fan and loved the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars. I had my parents eat the chocolate off the outside, and I ate the inside. Doesn’t it look yummy?

There are many snacks and treats in all the different parks.

My favorite treat now of all time is chocolate ice cream. I don’t eat any other flavor.

I  like finding the soft serve stations that are kind of hidden in the parks, or even finding the restaurants that serve ice cream.

My favorite place to get ice cream is the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor. The ice cream is Eddy’s brand and very good. You get the happy feeling of being “…right in the middle of Main Street USA.”

If my mom says I have had enough ice cream then I like to get popcorn. You can get popcorn in the popcorn stands around the parks. The popcorn can be bought in a disposable container but if you pay a bit more money you can get in a souvenir container to use again. You can also buy special themed souvenir containers on different holidays. Warning that if you are not a big fan of saltiness i would not try it.

I also love to get pretzels while I am walking around the parks. Well, I even liked them when I was still strolling around.

I am a big fan of the plain pretzel but you can try pretty exotic pretzels like the cream cheese pretzels. To find more info on the different types of pretzels go to DisneyFoodBlog.com and search “pretzel.”

My Dad’s favorite treat is the Rice Cereal Treat. It tastes even better because it’s shaped like a Mickey. You can find all different types at Main Street Confectionary. Grab a few on your way out of the Magic Kingdom for the ride home. If you forget to get one, don’t worry. They are probably sold at your Disney Resort in the snack area.

I hope that your vacation is full of good eats!

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Maggie is ten years old and was born into a “Disney family.” She has been to Walt Disney World and/or Disney Cruise Line every year of her life.  She hopes one day to be an actress.