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The Hunt for the Hidden Mickey

by Makena W.

Everybody loves hidden Mickeys!  They are everywhere you turn on Disney property.  Some are intentional and others are not.  I personally love hunting for hidden Mickeys, even when I am not in Walt Disney World!  These are some of my favorite hidden Mickeys.

Pavement Pandemonium
Location:  Tomorrowland
Type of Mickey:  Side Profile
Difficulty:  10

I tried finding this Hidden Mickey in August along with the rest of my family, but no luck.  We searched for a long LONG time and left empty-handed.  As soon as we settled back down in our home after the trip, I searched it on the Internet and found a picture of it.  I was so shocked because we probably walked over it at least ten times when searching around the same area.  But in our defense, it is pretty hard to see.  Part of me wonders if this was intentional because it is SO HARD to find.

Ashes…Ashes…We All Fall Down…
Location:  Tower of Terror
Type of Mickey:  Full body
Difficulty:  3

Some people don’t classify this as a Hidden Mickey, but I do-and I love its back-story.  In the Tower of Terror pre-show and on the ride, the little girl who goes into the elevator is holding a plush Mickey.  Originally she was supposed to be holding something creepy and it would be kind of like foreshadowing, but she came on set with the stuffed Mickey.  The director thought it was adorable so they let her keep it while they were filming instead of switching it out for the original plush figure.

Look Up!
Location:  Mission: SPACE
Type of Mickey:  Side profile
Difficulty:  5

This might seem just like an ordinary Hidden Mickey to some people, but to my family it is MY Hidden Mickey.  It was during our August trip and we had been on a serious hidden Mickey hunt for about 3 days.  Everywhere we went, we searched up and down for Hidden Mickeys.  It was kind of like a contest: whoever found the most won.  After exiting Mission:  SPACE, we were in the gift shop, when I looked up into the painted galaxy above.  “Look”, I exclaimed, “I found a Hidden Mickey!”  It was pretty late at night, so we were the only ones in the gift shop besides the cashier and other Cast Members.  “That is NOT a Hidden Mickey,” my dad retaliated.  “It looks like an elephant – the nose is way too long.  It’s coincidental.”  It was basically that battle between my dad and I as we argued over if it was an official Hidden Mickey of not.  After 15 minutes of bickering, my father approached the cashier and asked his opinion.  He had NO idea what we were talking about (he had never even heard of a hidden Mickey).  So we resorted back to arguing amongst ourselves.  Then I remembered, most stores have Hidden Mickey books in them!  I went back up to the cashier and borrowed the nearby book.  I flipped through the pages and read the entry that exactly describes the Hidden Mickey.  Therefore, we now call this specific Hidden Mickey “Makena’s Mickey” because I thought it was a Hidden Mickey when nobody else did.

Dude Looks Like A Lady
Location:  Rock N Roller Coaster
Type of Mickey:  Classic
Difficulty:  6

I didn’t realize this until I was browsing around Steve Barrett’s website.  The mural hanging outside of the Rock N’ Roller coaster shows Aerosmith singing and a limo cruising under them.  Steven Tyler’s shirt is white with black marks – or at least that’s what I have been thinking for the past 14 years.  They are actually made up of little Mickeys!  And as a bonus, there is a young boy in the limo wearing Mickey ears!

You can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
Location:  Anywhere!
Type of Mickey:  Classic
Difficulty:  1

You might be thinking, “You can find this Mickey anywhere?  Huh?”, but you really can!  Google Earth is a tool used by adults to find directions and by younger kids to look at their own houses (oh who am I kidding, I still do that!).  I personally enjoy looking at Disney World from above, or as I like to call it, Peter Pan’s view.   If you head over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Google Earth, you will notice something unusual about Expedition Everest.  That is because from above, it is a hidden Mickey!  The mountain itself is the center, and pieces of the track create the ears (the part where you kind of go in a circle on the ride).  A lot of people don’t know about this one, and I love telling people about it.

No Evil Thing Will
Location:  World of Disney
Type of Mickey:  Classic
Difficulty:  2

My favorite section of the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney is the villain room with the jewelry and watches.  Each villain has an arm hanging from the walls to give the feel of evil to the room.  One of these arms belongs to Cruella De Ville wearing her trademark her fur coat.  Of course, the coat is made out of Dalmatians so it is white with black spots.  Three of these spots come together to create the mouse himself.

As Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon
Location:  The Land Pavilion
Type of Mickey:  Profile
Difficulty:  10

This Mickey is located in the Garden Grill restaurant.  It is REALLY hard to find without any guidance from a Cast Member.  We were staring at the mural for a long time before we asked for assistance.  Our waitress knew exactly what we were talking about and pointed it out to us.  We still couldn’t find it, so she explained it like this “Between the eighth leaf of the fern and the ninth, are the top of his eyes [the round part, but not where his actual pupils are] and between the 9th and 10th leaf are his pupils. Between the 10th and 11th leaf is his nose.”  Do you see it now?  We were still not sure so she asked for our digital camera.  She took a picture then zoomed in on the area we were supposed to be looking at. Three of the four of us finally saw it but not my mom – she still can’t find it. If you are still looking for this Mickey, don’t worry – it took me twenty minutes before I could see it!

Location:  Dinoland U.S.A
Type of Mickey:  Full body (Pin)
Difficulty:  8

Chester and Hester live to be creative and unique.  They don’t fail to impress me whenever I see the statue made out of a bunch of random pieces of junk, like the dinosaur located near Triceratops Spin.  One of the items is a Mickey pin, but not just any Mickey pin.  After a Cast member has been working for Disney for 1 year, they receive a Steamboat Willie pin.  This pin is on the spine of the dinosaur towards the top half. It is easier to see it with a camera that can zoom in rather than the naked eye.

Hidden Mickey hunting is a great addition to any Disney trip.  Some are easy to find and some are very difficult.  This is what makes it a fantastic activity for the whole family.  Grab your Hidden Mickey book and make a plan of what you want to find before you leave home.  (If you write the clues on a piece of paper, you can fold it in your pocket and not take the book everywhere you go.)  Don’t give up – and no cheating by looking in the back of the book.

What inspired me to write this blog was that earlier this week my parents decided to tell us that there are (and have been for 4 months since we repainted) two hidden Mickeys in our living room.  I found one, but I am not going to give out any more information because my brother might be reading this and it is a competition to see who can find both of them first.  I have to admit – it has been hidden in a pretty hard area and I wouldn’t have noticed for years to come.  This is just one of the many reasons why my parents deserve the “Parents of The Year” Award!

If you were a Hidden Mickey, where would you hide?  I would love it if you would share your hidden Mickey stories with me.

This week’s “Where in the World?” picture is from Epcot to honor the 30th anniversary.  Can you figure out where it is?

See ya REAL soon!
~Makena W.