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Did You Know?

October 19, 1989 – Body Wars, EPCOT’s first thrill ride, opens at the new Wonders of Life pavilion. It is also the first simulator attraction in Walt Disney World and opened almost two years after Star Tours debuted in Disneyland. Body Wars continued to entertain guests for a several years until its official close in January 2007.

Other Notable Disney Dates:

October 14, 1971 – The attraction 20,000 Leagues under the Seas opens in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

October 15, 1996 – The Main Street Electrical Parade gives its final performance in Disneyland (until 2010 when it was announced in February that the parade would return to Disneyland and Walt Disney World for a limited time during Summer Nightastic!)

October 16, 1973 – Walt Disney Production celebrates 50 years!

October 17, 1937 – Huey, Dewey and Louie (Donald Duck’s identical triplet nephews) debut in Disney’s Sunday comic strip.

October 18, 1967 – Disney’s 19th animated feature film, The Jungle Book, is released. This is the last animated film personally supervised by Walt Disney as he passed away during the film’s production.

October 20, 1965 – News is leaked to the Orlando Sentinel leaks that Walt Disney has secretly purchased land needed to build a new theme park resort in Florida.

Question of the Week:

Which famous original Star Trek actor directed Body Wars and what was his role?


Candra Spirtoff and Megan Voisard are identical twins, born and raised in Cincinnati,  Ohio. They both graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Candra with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Assisting and Megan with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  They currently work as a paralegals for a local law firm.  Their passion is anything and everything Disney, and they have visited WDW almost every year since 1988, at the age of four.