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Wanna-be Imagineers: What Story Do These Women Tell?

We are back!  This blog celebrates those of us who are “Secret Imagineers”: people who look at attractions, show, and parades and imagine how WE would write, direct, and produce them in a way that celebrates the Disney spirit of storytelling!

This week, we are exercising our creative muscles with an image submitted a great friend of WDW Radio: Jamie Robbins-Longoria!  She sent in this picture, and we thought it would make a great subject for conversation.

And so, we ask you, our fellow Imagineers in training, to consider these questions.  Please post your answers in the comments below!

1. Where in Walt Disney World would YOU put this image?

2. Who are these women, and what story are they telling?

3. If these women were to run into Mickey Mouse, what would the conversation be about?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!