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Ask Maggie: Do Kids Want to Ride Lots of Disney Rides or Take it Slower?

by Maggie

Question: From a kid’s perspective, is it more important to ride as many rides as possible in the parks, or is it better to take it slow?

This is a hard question to answer. It depends on your family and what you like to do. Most days I’m at Disney World, I love spending time looking at the details of the park while I take it slow. For example, did you know that different colored rocks on the ground in Liberty Square represent a river of pee that would have been flowing in colonial town? There are no bathrooms in Liberty Square either, because they didn’t have bathrooms at that point in history.

However, some days I love getting in a bunch of attractions. On these days, I make sure to use the Fast Pass option so I can get in as many as possible. One trick is to go straight back to Fantasyland through a secret entrance around the left side of the castle or just through the middle. That way you can get to all the popular attractions in first.

If you want to experience a bunch of attractions and still find the details, you can look at the little things that make the attractions special. For example, in the Haunted Mansion, you can find the spookiest little things as your doom buggy escorts you around the mansion like the shooting pictures and maybe even a character resemblance. You can find these details both while you stand in line and while experiencing the attraction. Several of the rides like Haunted Mansion, Pooh, and Dumbo have an interactive queue, which is a fun experience you can have with your family while standing in those long lines. They immerse you into the story of the attraction as you interact with things like organs, talking books, and honey pots.

The speed you take in the parks will depend on what type of family you are. For instance, if you have a big, thrill-seeking family you might want to go fast to get all your high-speed attractions in. Though, if you enjoy an advanced theming experience, I would take it slow. Either way, you will make many magical memories with your family.

Have fun on your trip!