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Disney’s Best Roller Coasters: From a Kid’s Point of View

by Jonah H.

‘Sup bloggers, Jonah H. here. First off, congrats to Justin for being the first to answer my last trivia question. The sorcerer Yensid is Disney spelled backwards.

Disney has roller coasters for all ages and all thrills. Starting with the Magic Kingdom, there is Splash Mountain. It’s really a water coaster but I’ll include it anyway. This ride has numerous drops and turns. It ends with a bang and a big drop! I see this ride being ridden by all ages. Next up is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This coaster is mainly built to introduce you to the Disney coasters. It’s thrilling and fun. I recommend this ride for ages six and up. After that is Space Mountain. It does go fast, but it’s in the dark so you don’t know what to expect, giving it the element of surprise! In this ride, whenever you go left it’s most likely you’ll go right at the next turn. There is one additional coaster at the Magic Kingdom for the kiddies. It’s now called the Great Goofini, named after Goofy himself. This sixty second gentle ride used to be called the Barnstormer. It is a great introduction to Disney coasters for younger kids.

Heading over to the Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest. This intense ride stars the Yeti. This mythological creature is known to inhabit the Himalayas. Somehow, the mountains ended up in Orlando. No one knows how … it just did. This ride has a smooth intro but kicks it into overdrive inside the mountain (if this ride had wheels, it would burn rubber!). In this ride, you see the Yeti’s footprints and the creature’s shadow, but few have ever seen it with their own eyes. This coaster has many twists and turns and it even goes backwards, but it does not have a loop. However, it is on my top three favorite coasters.

Finally, over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. This wicked coaster goes from zero to fifty-seven miles per hour in 2.8 seconds! It may seem scary at first, but it has that affect on everyone. It has constant loops and turns and even a corkscrew. The best part is that it plays music by Aerosmith during the entire ride! I recommend this ride to more experienced coaster fans, although I did see a kid ride this so remember what I’m saying is more of a guideline. By the time you’re done, you’re going to ask yourself “why was I ever scared of this in the first place?” This is what I thought after riding it.

Now for my trivia question. In Space Mountain, there’s a section where some of the tracks go up and some of the tracks go down, what goes straight? (this might sound confusing, but don’t give up).=

Jonah lives in Virginia, and considers himself the biggest Disney “maniac” in his family.  He has been going to Walt Disney World since he was 8 months old, and he still loves it to this day.  He is 11 years old and in 5th grade.