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Wanna-be Imagineers: Sink Your Teeth into this Challenge!

In one of my recent holiday shopping endeavors, I ran cross a series of unique banks, in shapes and of images not typical of the usual “piggy” variety.

As one who always has part of her brain on Disney, I looked at these banks and wondered would at an Imagineer would do with them and how they could be used to support (or improve) the story being shared with guests.

And so, this week’s challenge was born.  Behold–the cheeseburger bank!

Here are your Imagineering exercises based upon this item:

1.  If an Imagineer were to put the bank somewhere on Disney property, where would it be?

2. Who would be using the bank? (Which character/what storyline is being supported by this bank?)

3. For what purpose is the money inside the bank being saved?


Have fun with this juicy challenge!  Next week, we will start with some holiday-themed fun!