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To Tell the Truth … the Haunted Mansion’s “Bride’s Ring”: An Interactive Game

by Makena W.

Since it is a new year, I thought I would try something different.  I want you guys, the readers, to get involved so I came up with this idea.  Consider it a game.  Out of the following stories, only one of them is the true “Disney legend”.  Leave a comment below arguing which one you think is true or which ones you think are lies and why or why not.  In each false story, there will be a little clue that will tell you that it is false, so you can always up the level of difficulty by hunting for the clues if you would like.  At the bottom of every blog of this variety, I will be keeping score based on who gets it right in the comments.  For the month of January, each of my blogs will be in this format: an overall topic, a few stories about the topic – but with only one being true.  Do YOU know the truth?  These have been a lot of fun to write, and I hope you enjoy!

This week’s topic is the bride’s ring, located in the Haunted Mansion queue line.  In reality, there was a pole in the Haunted Mansion queue line that had to be cut down one day.  Unfortunately, the pole was buried really far in the ground and they couldn’t get the entire pole out, so some of it remained in the ground.  Ironically enough, it looked like a ring.  Because of the Haunted Mansion’s story, they decided to create a legend around the ring.  (Note: The original piece has been covered but since people complained so much, Disney decided to put a “real” ring in the ground instead). Which one of these stories is the ORIGINAL legend that the Haunted Mansion Cast Members created?

Story 1

The wife didn’t really love anyone.  Her only love left her for another woman years before, and this bride still couldn’t let it go.  She didn’t trust anyone – she hated the feeling of emptiness and heartbreak inside of her, and she wanted to make sure that others felt her pain. She planned on marrying many different husbands-ten to be exact-and cheating on them so that they could experience what she once had.  After a few months of dating this future bride and her boyfriend at the time lived in a huge house-or should I say mansion- together.  She finally started to feel love for the first time in many years.  The man proposed one evening outside of the house, but claimed that the ring was being specially made for her, and that it wasn’t finished yet.  Finally their wedding day came.  They decided to get married right where he proposed – in front of the mansion.  It was time for the rings to be put on each other’s fingers.  The groom’s slid on very easily and fit perfectly.  The bride’s, on the other hand, had a little bit more of a hard time.  As much as they pushed and nudged, the ring wound not slide down her finger where it belonged.  “I thought this was specially made,” the wife said. “This is way too small for me.”  The groom started to sweat.  “I must have switched the rings.”  The bride stopped.  “What?”  “The rings – this must be Leota’s.”  “WHAT?”  The bride screamed. “You were cheating on me?!”  The wife hurriedly pulled the ring off her finger and chucked it as far as it could go until you heard the clunk against cement.  “Who is Leota?”  “Leota is a very special woman.  She recites poems very well and I love her,” replied the groom.  The bride ran away from the altar.

The bride was never to be seen for a few years.  Leota and the former groom had gone missing.  It was discovered after the death of the bride that she murdered her husband-to-be and decapitated Leota, who still tells poems to this day.  It was also discovered that she killed her first love when he cheated, and all of the people he knew and cared for.  She killed all of these people by luring them into the mansion.  This meant that a lot of souls were trapped in the home of the mansion – 999 to be exact.

Story 2

Two cast members (one man and one woman) were working late one night in the queue line area of the Haunted Mansion.  Their job was to make sure that nobody was hiding in the Haunted Mansion or in that area.  It was very foggy and cloudy this one ordinary night.  So foggy, in fact, you couldn’t see the moon.  The Cast Members were very scared due to these conditions.  At every noise they would look at each other and jump.  They heard creaking, shrieking and footsteps.  They thought this was just their imagination, but in reality, it was the bride from the attraction coming out from her home-in a murderous mood.  The man disappeared without a trace. The woman went to go look for him.  All of a sudden, her flashlight ran out of batteries and all of the lights nearby blew out.  The only light now came from the bright moon in the sky.  The woman whipped around when she heard a cackling laugh behind her.  She couldn’t see anything but felt the punches and weapons being used on her.  As the worker tried to fight back, she knocked the ring off of the bride.   As soon as the ring left the bride’s hand, it became visible to the mortal.  The woman stepped on it so that it became embedded in the ground.  The ghost became angry and attacked with more fierceness, which led to the death of the second Cast Member.

Story 3

Before the Haunted Mansion got a major refurbishment in 2007 and the bride in the attic entered the story, the storyline for thing followed Master Gracey.  Master Gracey just started his 7th marriage because his previous six wives had died.  The reception after the wedding was held in the dining room of the mansion.  The wife decided to play a prank of Master Gracey and hide in a trunk. Sadly, the trunk locked and the bride screamed for help.  Over the celebrating, nobody heard her cries and she died of suffocation. When Master Gracey found out, he was so furious and upset that he killed all 999 guests in his home.  The wife’s body was placed in a horse drawn carriage outside the mansion.  As Gracey said his last goodbye, the horse suddenly bolted, which led to the bride’s ring falling off and a horse stomping it into the pavement.  The next day the corpse, the driver and the horse disappeared in front of the mansion, with only the carriage as evidence.

Story 4

As September 1971 ticked away and the calendar loomed towards October 1st, the activity around the Magic Kingdom was nonstop.   As she had for the last few weeks, Lindsey left her home after dinner and headed to work.  Tonight, however, was a little different.  To celebrate her birthday this September 14th, her boyfriend had taken her to a very special dinner.  To her surprise, he asked her to marry him and gave her a gorgeous diamond ring.  She cried as he placed the ring on her finger and she vowed to never remove it.  Unfortunately, it spun around her finger.  It would need to be sized but there was no way that she would give it up already so she stuffed a small piece of tissue in the back of the ring and headed to work.

Lindsey arrived at the Magic Kingdom to find the chaos that had become a regular part of her nights the last few weeks.  She considered herself very lucky because she was assigned to work in the area of one of the great E-ticket attractions:  The Haunted Mansion.  Her assignment this evening was to help lay the bricks that lined the Haunted Mansion queue.  Her area was full of activity tonight with stone construction and the laying of asphalt.  All she really wanted to do was show off her ring but being one of the only women on the grounds crew in what would be Liberty Square, she was content to take off her gloves and gaze at her sparkly, new engagement ring.  She knew that the men would never want to compliment her ring and ask if she had made any plans yet.

Daylight loomed and along with it came the arrival of many more contractors.  Fortunately for Lindsey, there were a lot of women working the day shift – exactly the people who would appreciate her news.  When Lindsey removed her gloves to show her engagement ring to the girls, she was momentarily speechless.  It was gone!  She knew that she had worn it to work.  She’d taken her gloves off many times throughout the night to gaze at it and daydream about her upcoming wedding.  Stunned, the women set off towards the Haunted Mansion in search of the lost ring.  What seemed like hours passed when suddenly a voice called out that they had found the engagement ring.  Lindsey rushed to the spot where the women were congregating and pushed her way through.  Her eyes drawn to the ground by a glimmer of light, Lindsey gasped to see her ring.  It must have fallen off when she removed her gloves at some point during the night and was now encased in the pavement in the Haunted Mansion queue.  It is this ring that still shimmers in the Haunted Mansion queue today.


Okay, Disney fans, which one of these stories tells the real legend?  Let me know which you think is correct (or if you prefer, which ones are not) below.  Remember, I’m keeping score if you’re the competitive type!

Today is the beginning of the new year.  I hope you and your families had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!

See ya REAL soon!
~Makena W.


Quote of the Week:  “We keep on moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney