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Meet The Box People 2

Last week, we met 4 amazing box people. “Box People” are faithful Disney fans who participate in a chatroom every Wednesday at [7:30]. We learned about their favorite memories from Disney and some of their favorite attractions, restaurants, and hotels. This week, four new people are in the spotlight. Let’s learn about Frennin (Michelle), disneygeekdad (Stuart), MickeyWaffle71 (Lindsay) and kstoj (Karen).


Frennin: My name is Michelle and I live in Atlantic Canada. I’m married to a great guy who fortunately has become as addicted to my love of all that is Disney as I am. We have 2 children who are 19 and 23. Our 23 MAKfrennin pic for MIB 2year old daughter is getting married this summer and is having a Cinderella themed wedding. I have been a stay at home Mom who also has a home based day care. My fondest WDW memory would be my very first trip in 2007. My husband thought it was time to shut me up and finally make my lifelong dream come true. We even brought my 80 year old Mother-in-Law! The moment I saw the Magical Express….the tears started! I couldn’t believe after all those years I finally got to go to WDW! We stayed at Pop Century and loved it. The best part of that trip was when my husband stated “the next time we come”…… I knew he was hooked! We’ve gone every year since. We have always been there the first week in December and seeing Cinderella’s Castle in all its glory is truly breathtaking. My favorite attraction … that’s a tough one. I really like Rock n Roller coaster and always love seeing Wishes. My favorite restaurant is probably Chef Mickey’s. Love the food, but meeting the characters is still so exciting even for me. We’ve always stayed at Pop Century, but this last time in December 2012, just hubby and I went with no kids and stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. It is such a beautiful resort! I would love to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge one day.

I’m not totally sure how I first heard about Lou. I was in a few other “Disney” chat rooms and he was recommended. I got to meet Lou this past December at his meet of the month at DHS (also got to meet Glenn and Beci). Was so very exciting for me! I’m not sure what my favorite show was … loved the D23 Expo … the 40 hour show was hilarious … and really loved recent 6th Anniversary Show. I’m really not sure how long I’ve been in the box… a couple of years now, I believe.

It is the greatest feeling to have these friends who share the same love of Disney as I do. It’s been the greatest thrill to meet some of my wonderful Disney family face to face. Wednesday night being “in the box” is the high light of my week. I love the feeling of belonging and the love that is shared among all is a truly amazing feeling. I look forward to meeting some more of my wonderful “box people friends”.


Disneygeekdad: My name is Stuart and I live in New Jersey. I have been married to a wonderful woman for 21 years. We are the proud parents of 2 incredible children, an almost 20Disneygeekdad  MIB2 year old son and an almost 17 year old daughter. I am a diehard Disney fan disguised by day as an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst for a major bank. The rest of the time I pursue my Disney passion. When I’m not in the Box I try to share my Disney passion with others through social media and my website. I have so many favorite Disney memories but the one that stands above the rest came about in June 2001 on my kids’ second ever family vacation to Walt Disney World. It was truly a magical experience for my children. We were waiting in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, then known as Disney MGM Studios, to meet up with my brother and his family when Snow White came out of nowhere and walked right over to my children. I remember her telling my daughter she was a beautiful princess and she told my son he was a handsome prince. She asked them their names, how old they were, and where we were from. This short impromptu encounter with Snow White has left a lasting impression on my kids who still fondly remember that moment. I would pick Soarin’ by a hair over Spaceship Earth as my favorite attraction. My favorite restaurant may be the toughest question you asked me as I love most of the Disney restaurants but, I have to say my favorite is Flying Fish. Though, I reserve the right to change my mind in the future. My favorite hotel is Beach Club with honorable mention to Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans French Quarter, and the Wilderness Lodge.

I stumbled upon the WDW Today podcast in late 2006. I didn’t even know what a podcast was before that. On one episode Matt, Len, Mike and Mike were making fun of this guy named Lou Mongello and they mentioned his show. I found the WDW Radio Show and I haven’t missed an episode since I started listening to it. Unfortunately living in New Jersey and only getting to Disney World once a year hasn’t afforded me the opportunity to go to Lou’s Meets of the Month. However, we are planning to move to Florida after my daughter graduates high school. Once we are down there I will be a regular at Lou’s Meet of the Month. It’s unfair of me pick a favorite live show because I think they are all so incredibly great. However, I do have a favorite memory from a live broadcast. That occurred during Lou’s Live 24 Hour Event when I got to see and hear a sleep deprived Lou tell the Olga story live. I have been in the Box before it was even given the name. There are so many great Disney shows out there but none compare to Lou’s show and no one brings such wonderful Disney fans and people together like Lou. He has created a friendly and fun family environment for Disney fans of all ages to share a few laughs and good times each Wednesday night.

There are some great people in this world but I have never met anyone nicer than Lou or anyone with a more optimistic outlook on life than Lou. Thanks to Lou I have met so many wonderful people and made several lifelong friends and for that I will be forever grateful.


Mickeywaffle71: Many Disney friends refer to me as “Mickey Waffle” outside of the box, but my real name is Lindsay. I currently live in Pennsylvania, but in about six months I will finally be moving to Florida, a dream I have had my entire life. I am a senior in high school, so my week is filled with school work and college planning. I also own a business called Enchanted Rose Entertainment, which I started with two of MAKmickeywaffle MTB 2my friends. We perform at birthday parties and charity events as princesses. Besides working, I love to run (I did the Tower of Terror 10-Miler last year!), write, sing, draw, and learn as much about Disney as possible. Disney has been a part of my life since my first trip when I was six weeks old. I’ve visited over 30 times, and I continue to love it more and more with each trip. My fondest Disney memory happened last summer at Destination D. I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Alan Menken perform all of his greatest Disney songs. But what made that concert truly magical was that I was able to sit between my mom and one of my best friends, Nicole (also known as SparklyNicole), and the concert ended with the love theme from my favorite Disney film, Pocahontas. There were so many happy tears shed that evening. Something else that gets me choked up is Disney food. There are no words to express how much I love eating there. My favorite restaurants are Artist Point and Sanaa, but there are so many others that I could also eat at every single time I visit. Although I can pinpoint which restaurants are my favorite, it’s nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite resort. Right now, it’s the Polynesian, but tomorrow, it might be the Grand Floridian or Art of Animation or Port Orleans French Quarter. Who knows? My favorite attraction, however, has been the same since I was little, and I don’t think that will ever change. “it’s a small world” incorporates so many of my favorite things: Mary Blair, the Sherman brothers, and foreign languages. It is absolutely perfect to me.

I heard about Lou when his first trivia book came out. That was the holy text of Disney in my mind. Whenever we had a long car ride, I would bring that book and ask my parents the trivia questions and even keep score of how many we each got correct. The book led to listening to the podcast, and then, when he began doing UStream videos every now and then, I got hooked into that, too. When he announced he would be doing a weekly live show, I couldn’t have been more excited. There was finally an opportunity to really interact with the man who increased my love of Disney even more and made me realize that my dream was to work there. My favorite live show was the Eisenberg wedding. I sat in front of my computer screen all day, and didn’t miss a moment. That was such a unique experience that I will never forget, and it was so special to be a part of their magical day. My favorite podcast episodes are any of the Top Ten lists. They are so entertaining, and afterwards, I love to make my own top ten lists.

I met Lou and the WDW Radio team for the first time during the 40 hour live show, and was so honored to get to talk to the Box people from out of the box! I’ve hung out with Lou and the crew since then at other events like the runDisney races and DestinationD, and I appeared out of the box two other times (on Leap Day last year and at the Polynesian last August). I was also at a December and a September Meet of the Month. When I move to central Florida later this year, I cannot wait to attend as many live shows and meets as possible. The WDW Radio community is a wonderful, supportive family, and spending Wednesday nights in the box only makes that bond stronger for us all.


Kstoj: My name is Karen and I live in Connecticut. If I’m not in the box on Wednesday nights, chances are I am out to dinner, preferably French. My hobbies all revolve around Disney and food. It is the perfect match! My fondest Disney memory is traveling to Walt Disney World with my sisters. Horizons is my favorite attraction. I am a huge believer that it was easily one of the best rides on property and if I think about it too much, it still makes me sad. My favorite restaurant is a very difficult question so go with me here … I reallyMAKkstoj MTB 2 can’t pick just one so, as far as resorts go, I would have to say California Grill. In the parks I really enjoy Chefs de France but I am thinking it might soon be replaced by Be our Guest. My favorite hotel that I’ve stayed in is the Grand Floridian but my favorite hotel is actually the Contemporary.

I heard about Lou a few years back when I heard about the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and found some videos he did about his walkabouts. I was instantly hooked and have listened to every single podcast. I haven’t been to any meets of the month, but I have had the opportunity to meet Lou and many box friends at the NYC meet last year as well as during a live News Cast last summer. The best part about getting together is meeting people who truly enjoy the same things as you and understand your love for Disney. It was great to make so many wonderful friends. The best live show had to have been the 40 hour weekend! That was so epic that it can never be duplicated or forgotten. I have been in the box for several years and it has been a blast. It is wonderful to meet people who are truly supportive. It is great to hear about all of the Disney happenings and news but nothing beats friendship.

Thank you to Lou for bringing together people that all love the same thing! It is definitely a wonderful family to be a part of.


I hope you enjoyed this journey into other people’s lives. If you are in the Box, try to talk to these people if you have not already. They are friendly, funny and fabulous people that I am sure that they wouldn’t mind talking to you. If you are not in the box, why not? It’s a ton of fun and you should try and participate every chance you get. I assure you that you will love it!


Are you in The Box? Who would YOU like to see featured in the next segment of “Meet the Box People”? Leave a comment below!

See ya REAL soon!


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