The Disney Princesses Get Another Makeover (Part One)

to tell the truth winnerAlthough I agree with your comments that story one (the birdsong is that of the Eastern Bluebird, the official bird of Walt’s home state) would have been a great tribute to Walt Disney, to tell the truth, the correct story was number four.   According to the Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot and The Walt Disney World Trivia Book, to discourage birds from landing, Disney plays the sound of a bird in distress as a warning that there may be danger in the area. Thirteen of you answered this question correctly!

Thanks to all of you, the premiere installment of “To Tell the Truth” was a huge success.  I appreciate all your input and the great stories that you shared.  I said at the beginning that I would be keeping score and, true to my word, I logged every correct answer.  Congratulations Fran Cassano, Caitlin Corsello and Kendall F. for leading the pack and answering 4 out of 5 trivia questions correctly.  Please enjoy your virtual trophy!


The Disney princesses are now more modern than ever!  Last year, the princesses received a HUGE makeover that included glitter, makeup, and girly details.  Just this past week, they received another one, but this one wasn’t as drastic for some of the princesses.  Have you seen the new look yet?  This blog will compare the originals to the two makeovers, plus expresses my opinion about both of these transformations and which looks I prefer.

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 Snow Whitenew snow white

I believe that in the first makeover, Snow White was one of the better princesses.  Her bow shrunk a little and her cape is gone.  Her collar seemed to be higher and a vine was added to the left side of her dress.  The one thing that I disliked about Snow White’s makeover was the sleeves-they were transparent with a blue and red hue.  In the newest redo, her sleeves became solid blue and solid red once again with a gold band under them.  The shade of red on her headband is now pink, and she has pink blush on. I think that the blush is a little too dark for her, but that might be just because I am picky.  Overall, I think she looks younger than all of the other princesses, which is a good thing!


new cinderellaCindy is the princess who has received the most obvious changes in the parks.  When her movie was re-released last year, the face character began to echo the new look.  In the first refurbishment, Cinderella had a few significant changes-her hair cut became more modern and her dress became simpler.  She was given bangs that got longer as they came towards her left ear and her bun was a little smaller than it had been in the past.  Her headband was adjusted so that you could see her ears for the first time-and realize that those circles on the ends of the headband were earrings.  Her dress got puffier towards the bottom and sparkles were added.  She no longer had the layers on the bottom half of her dress.  The top half of the dress extends below her waist and is cut like a v at the meeting point.  Her sleeves are wider and more transparent.  In this second refurbishment, Cindy didn’t get any impacting changes. Her face just got another tiny dose of blush and a piece of hair was pulled out of her tight bun (which you will see a lot of princesses got).  Overall, I deeply disliked Cinderella’s hair at first, but since then it has grown on me, and now I love it.  In conclusion, Cinderella is one that took me a few months until I started to like it, but now it is one of my favorites.


Sleeping Beauty has always had triangle face. Disney sharpened Aurora’s chin a little in the first revamp along with adding transparent sleeves.  As with Snow White, a vine can be seen growing on the side of her dress.  Her hair became a more natural blond and it didn’t just curl atnew aurora the bottom-her hair was all curls.  That area where the top part of the dress meets the bottom had a sharp V.  Her necklace was gold instead of yellow.  Last week, her crown received jewels and was also changed to a gold hue.  Her bangs are much more natural, but to me her hair reminds me of wet, curly hair.  It seems a little too droopy for her (not to mention that if you look at the picture I provided, in between her left arm and her body her hair has the original design while the rest is new).  I really want to see Aurora merchandise with her in her blue gown, but it looks like this won’t be happening any time soon.  I love Aurora, but she is not one of my favorite new princess looks.


new arielAriel actually has a few variations.  She had a TOTALLY new dress and it has been spotted in two colors-pink and green.  I LOVE the green one, so that is the one I featured in the photo.  This dress definitely fits her personality more than the big pink one from the movie.  She actually has ocean waves in her hair (oh Disney and their puns…) along with purple shell earrings.  Another purple shell can be found in the center of the neckline in her dress.  These purple shells pay tribute to the mermaid form of her, along with the shade of green they picked for the dress.  Disney left her huge side bang alone, which is one of my favorite physical things about her.  In the refurbishment last week, they didn’t change much of her. They could have added more hair, but I am not entirely sure.  Ariel was the only princess that I saw since the first refurbishment and immediately fell in love with.  I hope we see her like this in the parks very soon and on merchandise when the Little Mermaid gets re-released.

Bellenew belle

After the first transformation, Belle’s hair looked…different.  Personally, it looked like it was TOO much hair; almost as if some of it is fake.  The front half of her original hair style and the bun stayed, but more hair was drawn down her back.  Tendrils are added to the sides of her face.  It just looks unrealistic to me.  Like some of the other princesses, a vine can be seen on the side of her dress.  Her sleeves were transparent and her gloves were also.  The first thing I noticed when I saw the results of the makeover last week was that her dress is gold instead of yellow.  The gold looks much more natural on her and brings out her hair very well.  Her lips are a little darker and her eyes are a little lighter.  Belle is starting to grow on me a little bit, and I am sure that her character in the parks will be extraodinary.

These are only half of the new refurbished princesses.  Next week, I will go in depth with the other 5- including my favorite overall and my least favorite.  You won’t witwwant to miss this!

Do you have a strong opinion about any of the new princess looks?  Leave a comment below about which makeovers you loved and which you didn’t.

“Where in the World” is BACK!  This picture was taken at a resort.  Do you know which one?


See ya REAL soon!

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