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Farkle v. Farkle: The Teen’s Perspective on the Disney Vacation

by Richard Bernato

FarklePHILPOT: Francine, you did say you were 15 going on 16?


PHILPOT: To your knowledge, is 16–or for that matter 15–a legal age of adulthood in any state in the union?

FRANCINE: I have no idea.

PHILPOT: For the record, Francine, it is not. In fact you are a minor, who is subject to the supervision of her parents.

FRANCINE: So that means I am not entitled to my opinions?

PHILPOT: Oh you can think what you think but, what you think doesn’t necessarily translate to anything legal.


PHILOMENA: Your Honor, surely counsel does not expect to argue with this young lady about matters of legality.

JUDGE JULIA: Yes, you are right, Ms. Francis. Mr. Philpot, get to the point.

PHILPOT: I was pointing out that a teenaged young lady may typically object to most anything that her dad or her mom for that matter may expect as her parent. Ms. Farkle, let’s get to that point. I am sure that you NEVER object to what either your mom or your dad may have expected of you that had nothing whatsoever to do with things Disney World?

FRANCINE: Well no, of course not. I mean I know they’re my parents and all, but I object to plenty of things they want me to do or not to do.

PHILPOT: So your anecdotes about what your dad has (air quotes) imposed on you might be part of your normal tendency to assert yourself?

FRANCINE: Well I don’t know. I mean, think about what I told you about…. the heat, being yanked off lines, military schedules….

PHILPOT: Francine, do you have any idea what trip to Walt Disney World might cost?

FRANCINE: Well no, I bring some of my own spending money but my parents pay for the vacation.

PHILPOT: Would you agree that even if the vacation plans were on a strict and limited budget, the price for four people can add up pretty quickly.

FRANCINE: I guess so.

PHILPOT: Of course. Now your dad’s planning, excessive you say, are they meant to get the most enjoyment out of the money he spends?

FRANCINE: I guess you will have ask him!

PHILPOT: In due time, Francine. Thank you. I have no more questions your Honor.

JUDGE JULIA:  Ms. Francis, next witness.

Does your family ever disagree about how to spend their time in Disney?  What do you do to avoid such conflicts?