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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: Kingdom Keepers VI, Week 2 Discussion

kk6Welcome back, my fellow Keepers!  THANK YOU to everyone to joined us for our first week’s discussions.  I don’t know about you, but as much as I would love to be on a Disney cruise….. I am VERY glad I am not one of the Keepers on this one!  WOW!  I would need a major vacation after THIS cruise!

If you are just joining us, welcome!!!  The premise behind our book club is easy: we will post discussion questions every Thursday.  You can join in by answering one or all of them in the comments section.  Then, join us every week to see how the conversation develops!  We are working on a couple other surprises, too, so stay tuned!  You can check out our first week’s questions and discussion here.

Also, be sure to register (for free!) to be a Kingdom Keeper Insider and help Ridley to write the final book in this series!  We’ll discuss some of those questions as well!

And so, without further ado, here are this week’s questions, covering the next set of chapters of The Dark PassageNext week’s questions will cover chapters 13-19 (pages 135-252).

Oh, and I am loving this so much, we are extending another offer of a mystery ticket this week!  One person who responds to this week’s questions (by Wednesday April 24) will receive a WDW Radio Mystery ticket!  Congratulations to AllieDisneyGirl who won last week’s mystery ticket!!

Discussion Questions–Please post your thoughts in the comments below, and check back often to see how the discussion progresses!

1. On page 61, our very own Lou Mongello was once again featured as a character in a Kingdom Keepers book, as the “enthusiastic” person who patches Storey and Finn through to Wayne.  If YOU could play a part in this book, what role would YOU like to play?

2. Also in this chapter, the Keepers discuss the merging of the Minotaur with a Mayan bat god.  If you could combine any 2 Disney characters to create a new one, which would you combine and why?  What would your new character be called?

3. In contemplating Chernabog, the Keepers discuss the concept of a balance of power, and refer to the fact that the current escalation in violence is a result of the fact that their very existence has tipped the balance.  If this is true, and the Overtakers and “good” characters are balanced, who is the counterpoint to Chernabog?  to the Evil Queen?  to Maleficent?

4. The discovery of Chernabog inside the Buzz Lightyear balloon reminded me of Lou’s advice to always “look up.”  What has been your favorite Imagineering discovery when you have “looked up”?

5. If you were a cast member like Clayton Freeman (see chapter 12), what would you say if the Keepers came to you with the story of a Disney villain hidden backstage of a theater on the Disney Cruise Line?