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Create Some Fun at Lowe’s Stores this Summer!

I am forever looking for a way to add some Disney pixie dust to my day, and to my joy, I quite unexpectedly found a way to do so when shopping for dimmable light bulbs….  Sometimes the magic just de-lights you.  photo8(ha!)

So we were walking into a Lowe’s Home Improvement store two weeks ago, when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, the smile-inducing images of Monsters University, Toy Story, and Planes.  Having feigned interest in the excursion in the first place, I was content to distract myself with the poster while my husband went to investigate dimmable bulbs (booooooorrrrring….)

The sign I studied was advertising “Build and Grow” Children’s Workshops, and the current series was for 6 Disney-themed children’s projects over the course of the next three months—all free of charge.  I knew Lowe’s hosted children’s workshops, though we had never attended one previously.  Well, that would end now!  My children dutifully mustered up a “yeah that would be great” reaction when I showed them the poster, and I took down the information to register them online.

The online registration involved establishing a free account online, which included printing a waiver to participate in the activity.  After this brief registration, I received an email confirmation as well as a reminder email the day before the first event–creating Monsters University “Scarers.”  While registration is apparently NOT required, it is the only way to guarantee your child the supplies for the project, which are limited.  The waiver clearly says if you arrive late, your materials may have been given away.   Our store had photo7extra materials, but I suppose, depending upon your location, this may not be the case.

When we arrived at the store, we found a small crowd of eager parents and children, already hard at work.  We were given children’s-sized goggles, a Lowe’s work smock, a hammer, and kit to make both a Mike and Sulley “scarer” (a wooden-hand held puppet is the best way I could describe this, with a wooden handle and movable arms and legs.)

I was very impressed with the quality of the materials provided—these were not (if properly assembled) toys that would easily break.  Directions were fairly clearly written, and the kids had a ball hammering away at the pieces and then demonstrating their finished products.  On the reverse side of the directions, there was a Monster word search and some fun facts about Monsters University.



















I will note: I was able to easily take pictures and watch the event, as my kids—10 and 8–were easily the oldest in attendance.  While there was no age restriction, most attendees were much younger; I noted that their parents did most of the work, as the hammering required a good amount of dexterity and diligence.  In all, we spent roughly an hour at the store, though my kids wanted to do their scarers without any of my assistance.  Most families were done in 30-45 minutes.









There are five more future Lowe’s workshops with a Disney theme, with the next one set for June 22 and 23.  At that workshop, your future Disney Imagineer can create a Monsters University chest.  Registration is NOW OPEN for this workshop—you can do so at this link.

If you attend any of the workshops, please drop me a note at Christy@WDWRadio.com and we can report on it here on the blog!