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Christmas is almost over. Well, Christmas in July, that is. This time of year inspired me to start my Christmas list (or birthday/Christmas list since my birthday is in September) and start hunting around stores and websites for ideas when people ask what I would like for my birthday and the holidays or for gifts to give out to those I love. I noticed that objects that showed up repeatedly were statues and figurines. Not just any statues and figurines, but Jim Shores.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jim Shore, he is an amazing artist who has created his own brand by designing characters and objects out of wood then using corresponding patterns and shapes that seem to be carved INTO the statue. They are truly amazing and come in many shapes and sizes. Of course, the ones I am referring to today are Disney characters and icons.

jim shore2The first Disney collection of Jim Shores that I am going to introduce to you is called “Carved By Heart”. The bottom of the figurine looks like an ordinary log, but then as your eyes move up to the top of the figurine, the log transforms into a beloved Disney character or scene. The one I featured here is my favorite from this group, called the “Fantasia Symphony”. It features Chernabog who you can’t find on much merchandise anymore.

Are you a gardener? Do you want to class up your garden a little bit? You are looking at the right merchandise! The Jim Shore Disney garden collection has a variety of items, like wind chimes (featuring Tinkerbell and Mickey) and birdhouses (featuring Cinderella’s cottage before the spell, Tinkerbell and a Mickey snowman). There are also pots for plants in a few different sizes. These could make the perfect gift for people who like to make their garden go Disney and clean it up a little bit.

Disney royalty is a key part of the Disney family. Everyone knows the princesses! Jim Shore takes advantage of this. There are two princess series that stuck out to me when I thought about Jim Shore. One includes the ladies in their dresses, but the bottom of the dress is big and pictured on it is an iconic scene from their movie! For example, Belle is in her yellow ball gown, and the image is of her and the Beast dancing together for the first time. Rapunzel’s features herself and Flynn surrounded by the floating lights, and Snow White’s shows her in her prince’s arms. You can find Ariel in her fluffy pink gown with the sea on the bottom and Cinderella is waltzing with Prince Charming on her dress. The other series I like is a little different. You must buy a base in order for it to work in its entirety. It’s called the “Princess Sonata Musical Base.” You can buy any of the princess figurines with the name “Sonata” in it, place it on the base, and you will magically hear that princess sing a song! The princesses that can sing at the time of writing this include Jasmine and Aurora on the website, but I believe I have seen more in some stores.i see the light tangled jim shore

How could you have princesses without villains? These evil humans (or sometimes creatures) are given their time in the spotlight by Jim Shore. There is a Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook and a Maleficent (which I own. The eyes of the dragon LIGHT UP!). There is also an ornament collection featuring Captain Hook, Maleficent, the Evil Queen and Cruella De Vil. Hopefully more of these will be made soon, because this is one of my favorite collections.

Three snow globes made by Jim Shore might be the most detailed snow globes I have ever seen. The bottom has the patterns along with the character. The snow globes or “waterballs” include Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell and Eeyore. These make a perfect present for the snow globe collector in your family!

donald duck jim shoreWho’s number 1? Did I hear you say Mickey Mouse? I don’t think a certain duck would be too happy to hear that. Good thing Jim Shore dedicates many pieces to him! There are many Donald Ducks, including one of him in a hula skirt. My favorite one is called “Donald Duck All Quacked Up” where he looks like he is singing, with his beak wide open and one hand on his hip and the other high in the air. Another great statue has Donald portraying a marionette puppet, with the strings attached and everything.

Goofy is a loveable character that can be classified as…well, Goofy. He has a few serious Jim Shores, if you can even call them that, but of course he has a few that show his goofy side. One that I saw includes Goofy wiped out in snow with some skis and in another figure he is caught dressed as a firefighter, but tangled in a hose. The most unique model, in my opinion, includes Goofy lounging in a tube that you use when you go swimming. It is called “Exotic Get-Away” and it reminds me of Castaway Cay.

My favorite Disney collection of Jim Shore’s is called “Inspirational Words.” It’s kinda self-explanatory. One word is carved in each of the pieces. A character or two are on top of the word or maybe in-between letters. It is so simple yet so extraordinary. The words I have seen are “Wish” with Jiminy Cricket, “Sweet” with Minnie, “Dream” with Cinderella, “Love” with Mickey and Minnie, “Believe” with Tinkerbell, “Friends” with Piglet and Pooh, “Magic” with Sorcerer Mickey, and “Laugh” with Goofy. The sculpture I love the most has to be “Friends”!

Toys are a huge part of everyone’s childhood. As you get older, you start to appreciate sculptures and art more. Jim Shore combined childhood and adulthood with this series. Marionettes, toy trains, spinning tops and matchbox car inspired pieces are found in the “Jim’s Toy Shop” collection. What’s cool about the marionettes is that there is a stand you can purchase so the puppet stays upright.

Love is in the air, according to Jim. Mickey and Minnie are the perfect couple, and these figurines echo their love. There’s a statuette of Mickey in a tux holding Minnie in a wedding dress, Minnie holding flowers, Mickey hiding a heart behind his back and, my personal favorite, a black and white Mickey giving a heart to a Minnie that is also lacking color. These are just some of the many choices of lovely statues (ignore the pun). There are some other characters that feel the love tonight. Winnie the Pooh is holding flowers, Tinkerbell as Cupid, Eeyore hold flowers and Tinkerbell playing “He loves me, he loves me not” with a plant.jim shore 1

Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? M-I-C K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! How could you make Disney figures without including the mouse himself? There are MANY pieces you can choose from. I couldn’t possibly mention them all here! There are ornaments, bookends, pots, and more! Some are the Mickey we know and love today, while others show him in his original black and white state. You can find him as a football player, firefighter, policeman, cowboy, and even as the great Sorcerer. For every month of the year, you can buy Mickey standing in a different pose. This can make a great birthday present!

What’s Mickey without Minnie? The girl we all know and love has to have some Jim Shore merchandise too! She can be found as a pirate, hula dancer, princess, Statue of Liberty, ballerina, doctor and teacher. There are the standard statues, ornaments and snow globes. Some show her celebrating a holiday or just being herself!

All of the characters created by the Disney Company have different personalities. These “personality poses” range from many different characters in poses that show exactly who they are. Some of my favorites are Simba with the leaf mane that he is seen wearing in “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, Ariel sitting on a rock, Tigger skipping around, Peter pan thinking and Thumper looking very shy (he is so cute!)  I saw Belle sniffing flowers, an angry Donald Duck, Piglet with a heart-shaped balloon, a grumpy Grumpy, and Stitch smiling his big toothy grin.

Tinkerbell is the sassy little fairy from Peter Pan. She might even be one of the most beloved sidekicks in Disney history. This is evident through Jim Shore’s work. There are many different options for Tinkerbell memorabilia. Some present her standing, sitting or lying. Her emotions are different in each one also. My favorite is called “Pouty Pixie” and she is standing with her arms crossed and her face fuming red. This is how she is portrayed in the movie, so I love that Jim Shore paid tribute to the original Tinkerbell. She can also be seen doing different things like flying, ice skating, sniffing and holding flowers.

Speaking of Tinkerbell, she loves birthdays! In this little series, there is one statue for every month of the year, which make great gifts (just like the birthday Mickeys). You can find the birthstone color for each month on her dress and sometimes it is the color of the flower that is on the figurine. Each model shows her in a different pose, so you could get each and every one to have the whole year on your shelf.  For example, the birthstone for September is a sapphire so her dress for the month of September is a deep blue and she smells a bluish-purplish flower.

pumpkin dress minnie jim shoreWhen you think of first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word October? For me, it’s Halloween. Jim Shore even has a few Disney Halloween statues!  They feature characters dressed in Halloween-inspired costumes, and sometimes you can find a few pumpkins with characters on them (not real pumpkins, but Jim Shore pumpkins). I am a huge Halloween fan, but we usually don’t decorate for it. This specific piece might change my mind. It’s Minnie in a pumpkin inspired dress! It is called “The Pumpkin Queen” How adorable!

Of course, what is a list of Jim Shore items without some Christmas items? This is Jim Shore’s specialty. There are ornaments, nutcrackers and of course the ever classic figurines. Santa hats, snow and smiles can be found on most items. There are so many different options here, including classic Mickey and the gang, Jiminy Cricket and the princesses. Want to spice up your home with elegant holiday décor this season? Here are the only pieces you need to buy!

Just a few months ago, I saw 8 photos of the new princess series that is rumored to be coming out this fall. My favorite person featured in this collection? MerWANTWANTWANTida. I love how she looks. Her hair seems to be blown by the wind and she looks ready to shoot a target with her bow-and-arrow. If you know me, you know I LOVE Merida. I am very picky with the way she looks. Sometimes I feel the proportions are off or her hair doesn’t look unruly enough. This, however, might be my favorite model of her that I have seen (Did I mention that I am making my gift list for my family? Wish me luck! 😉

The prices for Disney Jim Shore items can range from 20-300 dollars, but I believe they are all reasonably priced. The bigger the statue, the more it will cost you. Some of the ones I mentioned aren’t taller than you hand, while others could be the length of your arm. If you have a favorite character or iconic scene (like the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast) you can probably find it as a Jim Shore figurine.

Do you own a Jim Shore? Do you WISH you had a Jim Shore? Which one(s)? Tell me in the comments below!


See ya REAL soon!

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