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D23 EXPO: Booth Breakdown PHOTO BLOG

Inevitably, all good things come to an end, and in the blink of an eye, the D23 Expo was over and it was time to take down and pack up the booth.  Here is a backstage peak at what happened after the Box was turned off –and the balloon sculpture met its demise–Sunday night.















Once the poor balloon sculpture was gone, the remaining dis-assembly did not take too long.  If only our boxes would arrive so we could repackage everything for shipment home.















And because those boxes were nowhere in sight, it was once again time to hurry up… and wait.  Note Lou has even taken off his shoes at this point. 




















Boys will be boys…. To amuse themselves during the wait for the boxes, Tony and Mike started launching the Party City light saber balloons in the air.  Never could catch the balloon and them in the same shot, so I assume they will deny what they were up to….




















Who’d have thought the arrive of a pallet of empty boxes could be so exciting?  But for us, it signaled the ability to finish and get some dinner.  (We left the arena at approximately [9:30]PM)
















After our boxes were packed, everything was to be put into these carts to await shipment home.  It was an exceptionally well-organized process.




















Heading out of the convention center, I caught some workers folding that huge blue curtain that had hidden the Tomorrowland exhibit just a day earlier.  (Notice how those red carpets are gone!  I commented on Monday’s blog how quickly the workers at the center took them up–honestly, about 10 minutes after the official close, they were being rolled away.)




















Just hours earlier, this had been the vibrant, bustling center of the convention floor.  That blue wall is where Disney personalities could be found singing autographs.




















8AM the next morning, and the massive Mickey Mouse banner is already off the front of the convention center.  🙁




















The sign, reminding us of the previous days’ fun, sits next to a truck, into which the massive Phineas and Ferb/Marvel Waffle-Nator has already been packed.

The clean up, like most things Disney, was an efficient, organized process.  It was amazing, though sad, to watch.  Onward to 2015!!