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My Little Corner of “The World” (from 1,159 miles away): The Tower of Terror 10 Miler Pre Race Jitters!

As I write this, it is September 29th.  It is my Runner-versary! One year ago I finished my first “wear a numbered race bib” 5K.  I don’t remember how fast we finished, but we power walked.

Today, one year later, I ran ten miles as a training run for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler on October 5th.  I am not the fastest, but I have surpassed any goal I have ever thought possible for myself as a runner.  I have completed three 5K races, an 8K, and two half marathons.  With that said, I still get jittery before running.

This will be my first night race.  I’ve gotten a grip on what to wear to morning races.  Night is a new ball game.  Florida will be warm, so maybe shorts?  However, it might be ToT10milerchilly after the run… should I wear capris?  I wonder if I’ll be cold after the run that night.  After the morning races, everyone leaves, showers, and meets up in a bit.  Do I use bag check to have some basic comforts handy?  That could mean a long wait in line after running.  I also have to keep in mind that I can’t bring ten different options because I’m flying and not checking a bag.

Do you stop for photos?  Honestly, I never have.  I have a scenario in my head where they pass me as I’m smiling for Captain Hook.  What is your photo strategy?  If you ran the Tower of Terror 10 Miler last year… were there any rare characters worth waiting in line for a picture?

After the race, I hope to have some fun in the park.  Do you find yourself hungry?  Should I plan to bring a gift card for food and beverages?  I’d rather not carry cash or a credit card on the run to prevent anything getting lost in the dark.

I do have a running belt so I am hoping to pack the tiny pocket full.  However, I think I’ll need my external battery to recharge my phone.  Where the heck am I going to put that???

The two things I know at this point are… I will wear my running shoes on the plane… and… I will not check my bag.  In doing this I know I will have my race gear with me.

So, dear reader, please help a newbie out!  Have you run a night race?  How do you prepare differently than if it was a morning run?  What tips or tricks do you have for packing, prepping, and racing?

If you have not done a night race… why not give it a try!

Liz has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was five years old.  She is always looking for a nook or cranny of Walt Disney World as yet unexplored.  When not in Walt Disney World, Liz is a teacher in the Chicago suburbs.