Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort: A Week-Long Feature

It was about 8 months ago…. my school calendar for 2013-2014 was released, and my husband and I realized we had a good amount of time after Christmas Day and before I would report back to work.  “Let’s go somewhere quiet and recharge, ” he said…..

Well, I knew good and well that he didn’t mean Walt Disney World.  Our 2013 had been quite stressful–even as of April–but my husband, bless him, doesn’t find the hubbub of WDW at Christmas relaxing…. (I know… shocking, right?)  Knowing this, I saw an opportunity to check out a Disney resort I have longed to explore but always passed up in Signfavor of the parks—Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort.

As Disney Vacation Club members, we easily reserved a two bedroom villa at our seven-month reservation window.  My Disney planning instinct, combined with the unfamiliar realization that I knew NOTHING about my Disney destination, kicked in, and I spent a number of days over the summer researching Disney’s Hilton Head Resort.  I was disappointed (and frightened!) to discover very few online resources available.  Panic set in…. “What if we are bored?”  “It’s South Carolina in December… it’s not like the pool or beach are an option…and we don’t golf!!!!”  “If this goes badly, we may have to try a <<GASP>> non-Disney vacation someday!”

My fears were almost entirely for naught…  Our experience was everything my husband had hoped for–quiet, slow-paced family time–and NOTHING that I feared it might be–boring, boring boring…..  Disney’s Hilton Head Island is the Aladdin of Disney’s Vacation Club Resorts—a diamond in the rough and thoroughly worth a visit!

I am going to take a risk and devote a number of columns this week to this resort….. for one thing, this resort clearly Check Inlacks any serious resource (outside of the actual Disney website) for Disney fans considering a visit.  For another, I think serious Disney fans would thoroughly enjoy a visit to this quintessential Disney property, even though it is several hundred miles away from the closest Disney park.

Here is my plan for the week:


Disney’s Hilton Head Island, An Introduction


A) Photo Tour of Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

B) Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort 101


A) No Parks?  No Problem!!

B) Do’s and Don’t’s for Traveling to Disney’s Hilton Head Island


A) How Disney Fans KNOW They are in Disney When at Disney’s Hilton Head Island

B) How Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is Different from Being in a WDW Resort


A) Disney’s Hilton Head Island Beach House

B) Why Every Disney Fan Should Visit Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

So, I hope you enjoy this little slice of Disney outside of Walt Disney World.  Feel free to leave any questions you have about the resort below, and I will try to be sure to answer your question over the course of the week!