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Who Teaches In Your Disney School?

Some of us do it every day and some of us remember it with fond memories. What is it? Your daily walk through the educational hallways of school, of course. Let’s face it:  we all have had teachers that we love and teachers that we wish we never encountered, but in the best of cases, when we have the teacher best suited for the class, everyone wins! I’m just finishing sophomore midterms, and it got me thinking, if I could choose the best teachers from the host of Disney characters, who would they be? Let’s find out who I would like to have share their knowledge with the rest of us.

jiminyThere’s no class more intriguing than Philosophy; the study of basic concepts like truth, existence, reality, and freedom. It’s a fun way to debate with your friends and classmates when no one is really right or wrong. Who better to teach philosophy than Jiminy Cricket? After all, he has already taught each of us to “always let your conscience be your guide”! (Let’s face it, you all sang that quote.)

Economics may not be the most entertaining class but it is something that affects us all. Robin Hood has to be the best teacher to help us understand the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Robin Hood single handedly tried to balance the unequal distribution of wealth in his community by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Odds are he would take his students on field trips to help the needy.

Many students’ favorite part of the day involves starting the Bunsen Burner, putting on safety googles and seeing how chemicals react. Chemistry is the perfect for the Evil Queen. She perfected the art of mixing potions and casting spells, but beware: if she offers you any apples, do not be tempted to take a bite of one.

Even though he is a rat and usually not welcome in the kitchen, I would want none other than Ratatouille teaching my Foods class. French cooking would be his specialty, and the home economics hallway would smell like French bread. Like most of the other “hot” teachers, his class would fill up fast but everyone would try to get admitted.

Colorful paintings and paper mache are only two of the many things that Rapunzel did to occupy herself for the many years she was stuck in the tower. Needless to say, these skills make her the perfect candidate for the Art Department. The classroom walls are hand painted by Rapunzel herself, and her students’ crafty creations adorn the rest of her classroom.

Shang is one of the strongest Disney characters, although I’m sure that Gaston would disagree. Shang could make a man out of anyone. Physical Education with Shang is the most grueling part of the school day. The jocks love having him as a teacher but the rest of the students fear the intense hour of strenuous climbing, shooting, running, swimming and dodge ball playing that leaves everyone exhausted. belle

Some may not think that English Literature is a fun filled way to spend the day but having an instructor who can make books come to life can also make the topic enjoyable. Belle has a way of doing just that. I imagine even the boys would sign up to listen to her read. Belle’s love for her books must be contagious. With any luck, some of her students will “catch” her love of reading.

If you happen to have a study hall during the day, who better to manage such a large group of sometimes unruly students than Mary Poppins? The auditorium full of youngsters would learn very quickly that, although she wants you to have fun, Mary Poppins expects that you are always on your best behavior. Hoping to be chosen to join her on a whimsical adventure, this is probably when the students are at their best! Mary Poppins must be the envy of the school staff who probably all wish that they had their own “magic bag”.

Photo0157FourBySixThe Guidance Counselor provides the information every student needs to succeed:  What do I need to get into college? How do I improve my grades? Can you tell that teacher to leave me alone? And they offer very sound advice:  Study. Do what is right for you and not someone else. Don’t do something that you may regret. Live life to the fullest. Accept responsibility for all your actions. Who can take on such herculean responsibility? Nope, not Hercules. None other than Merida, obviously. I can’t think of anyone better to teach us to follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. She’s a heck of an archery marksmen, too…a female dominating a man’s sport. Cool.

Undeniably, the backbone of every school is its Principal. He (or she) has the enormous task of guiding the teachers and students through a successful school year. Some may lead best by example and others by fear. When I thought of the perfect principal, Roz was the first Disney character who came to mind. Why? Because she’s “always watching you”, of course! (I bet you read that in your creepy Roz voice!)

(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)

These are some of the teachers, administration and support staff of my “Disney school”. Who would you choose to lead some of you favorite (or required) subjects?


See ya REAL soon!


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