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Become a Disney Princess For Your Special Night

dress2Prom season is just around the corner for many high school students. This means that it is time for the teen girls to pick out a dress that makes them feel like a princess.  Luckily for them, Disney knows a thing or two about making women feel like royalty. In fact, my mom was listening to the radio when she heard that one of our local dress shops had just received a line of Disney dresses. It never occurred to me that Disney designed prom gowns! So of course, me being the girly girl that I am, I just HAD to find out more!

Disney has a collection of dresses titled “Royal Ball”, which includes three dresses inspired by each Disney Princess from Snow White to Rapunzel. Not only are these sold as prom dresses, but they are designed with quinceaneras in mind also, so they are big, bold and beautiful! There are three dresses specific to each princess. Snow White’s has a color palate of red and black. Cinderella’s dresses are all Tiffany & Co.® blue (that iconic shade of blue boxes that the jewelry line is known for) and have beaded corsets. The dresses of Sleeping Beauty include two with a pale pink and classic look, along with one dress that is a deep red.  Each Ariel dress is a different shade of blue and feature a LOT of volume on the bottom, just like a mermaid tail! All of the gowns inspired by Beauty and the Beast are gold, just like Belle’s dress in the movie while Jasmine’s dresses all are dark purple, with one that blends purple and blue.  One of Pocahontas’ dresses feature a light blue and light brown mix, another one features baby blue and the final one is a mix of different shades of brown. All of Mulan’s feature deep reds and gold accents, along with Tiana’s two light green dresses and one pink. Rapunzel’s collection includes two light purple dresses and one deep purple. Finally, Disney created their own princess, “Corona De La Princesa”, who only has two dresses instead of three. One is a mix of blue and purple, and the other one is just a dark purple.

dress4I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try on two of these exact ball gowns, so how could I turn down an opportunity like that? The two that were available in my size at the time were a Cinderella gown and a Mulan gown. The Mulan is a mix of red and gold ruffles on the bottom with an asymmetrical corset at the top. The Cinderella is a baby blue with a full beaded corset.  You may notice that the red dress seems a little bigger on the bottom. That is because they offered me a slip to put under it, with wiring that makes it poof out more (a hoop slip). The shop unfortunately sold their last full size slip, so I had to try it on with a smaller one that was only half as full. That means that the dress gets even BIGGER!

Each dress is actually two pieces:  a corset top with a big, fluffy bottom. That means that if you have a ton of money to spend and love dresses, you could “collect them all” and mix and match tops and bottoms! Imagine having a top inspired by “Tiana” and then the bottom half being inspired by “Snow White”. It’s like designing your own personal gown! Okay, maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea, but you can still collect them all and wear the tops with a simple bottom for a night out on the town! And it would be expensive. Although you can expect prices to vary depending on where it is purchased, at Dress Me Up, the dresses were $650 each. Another added touch that only Disney would think of: each dress has a corresponding jacket that you can add for style or if your school has more conservative dress policies.

My favorite gown of the entire collection has to be the Pocahontas one that features the light blue and brown ruffled bottom and a corset that has jewels on the left side of it. Even though brown isn’t my favorite color in the world, the mix of blue and brown together make up for it. Anothdress1er favorite of mine is a Belle inspired gown that has a VERY detailed corset with a bottom that has three layers of ruffles, but the top layer features gold roses, just like Belle’s dress from her movie!

As much as I loved these dresses, and I would absolutely LOVE to wear one again, they are a little difficult to move in. In the Cinderella gown, I did not have the slip under the dress. As I walked, the fabric under the dress rubbed against my legs, and made it hard to walk (not to mention that you can’t see your feet or the ground directly in front of you). However, even with the slip under the Mulan gown, I still had trouble walking, but it was slightly easier, and I did not have the fabric rubbing against my legs which allowed for room to dance! On the plus side, no one can see your shoes! You can wear converse sneakers under this fancy dress, and no one would know the difference! Also, you are guaranteed to attract all the attention wherever you are! The skirt, alone, of each dress has to weigh at least fifteen pounds. They were a production to get on and secured- but once you’re in, you don’t feel any of the weight!dress3

If you are interested in these dresses, you can view them all here!  I was so elated when I found out about Disney’s gowns, and even more so when I got to try some on! This collection is only one of Disney’s formal lines. Their dresses are amazing for quinceaneras, proms, and maybe even a wedding! I know I could definitely see myself walking down the aisle in one of these, so what are you waiting for? Go to your local dress shop, and see if they carry Disney’s “Royal Ball” collection!

Which dress is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

See ya REAL soon!

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