Practically Perfect Disney Crafting: Displaying Your runDisney Medals

Displaying Your runDisney MedalsHi Everyone! The runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend sponsored by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is underway at the Walt Disney World Resort®. I’m a couple of 5Ks in and I already feel the need to display my medals properly.

If I feel this way about my finisher medals, I can only imagine how all of you out there with tons of gorgeous bling…even from one weekend…like the Dopey Challenge from last month’s Walt Disney World® Marathon feel.

So, let’s discuss ways you can creatively show off your hard earned gold (or colors):

A Large, Decorative Hook

Layering medals on one large, dedicated and decorative hook is minimal in display, but very chic. Drill one onto a wall or in your closet. This is a great solution for when you just start out.

Handbag Organizer

I know this seems a bit odd, but the handbag organizers that hang over the door have exactly the hook dimensions you need to display your medals. And just like with bags, they overlap vertically, like you see in my photo. This is also a great solution for when you just start out, especially since a handbag organizer is something you can easily repurpose. Don’t forget to use coupons for purchasing the organizer at your favorite retailer.

Shadow Box

A shadow box is a great way to display medals with your bib and other scraps collected over the runDisney race weekends. Just play with your layouts the way you would a scrapbook page and go from there. There is no wrong way to arrange a race themed shadow box, but layering items looks fantastic. Simple cuts of chipboard or even craft foam adds depth and can easily be masked by your items. Don’t forget the straight pins. And remember the coupons for purchasing supplies at your favorite craft store.

Medal Display Rack

There are so many possibilities on how to display multiple medals. You could go with a standard multiple hook bar that you nail into the wall or hook over your door. Some people even wrap theirs next to one another around a towel bar or hang them off of a tension rod. My favorite racks incorporate displaying the race bibs with attached hooks/clips next to or above the medals.

runDisney even sells an official branded medal holder at their Health and Fitness Expos as well as sometimes on the Disney Store website. Speaking of the runDisney Health and Fitness Expos, there are a ton of vendors selling similar wares…But why not try making your own? One you can build on?

A DIY Medal Display Rack

To make your own medal display, you’ll need a wood plank or board. The length of which depends on how many medals you have and/or want to display. Keep in mind, if you want to build on this look, select a piece of wood that will look good and fit together as you go. You can stain the wood or leave it natural. You can decoupage scraps from your race weekends or add a decorative quote.

You would want the medals to be at least an inch or so apart. Measure the length of your wood by number of medals x 1 inch or so going across. Next, select the hooks.

The typical runDisney medal has a ribbon that is an inch and ½ wide. They are stiff, so it’s a good idea to find hooks or knobs that jut out at least 2 inches. The hooks don’t need to be too fancy, but they need to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the medal itself.

Drill some pilot or guide holes and screw your hooks or knobs in to the board.

How easy was that?!

You can find more ideas and inspiration on how to display your runDisney medals on Pinterest and Etsy.

Can’t wait to hear which ideas you’ll “run” away with!

(Photo and photo edit by Fran Cassano).

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