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shopDisney: Disney Valentine Gifts for Your Sweetheart

shopDisney: Disney Valentine Gifts for Your Sweetheart

shopDisney is a bi-weekly blog that will focus on Disney merchandise and products sold in the parks, in Disney stores, and in other retail markets.  We will explore product reviews, affordability, and to whom the products are marketed.  Like any other good product review, we will conclude with a rating scale for several different key components: price, age group, and whether the product is a “must have.”

Happy Valentine’s Day a few days early!!  Shopping for Valentine’s Day items around town this week and there is a growing trend in Disney merchandise.  Target® seems to be a leading seller in Disney-branded merchandise.  Each visit to the store leads me to a specific area that is Disney labeled and often has a sign.  While many other local stores also carry Disney items, it would appear that Target®‘s selection is growing by the season.

These Valentine’s Day merchandise items are going to be broken up into what your sweetheart might be interested in, Disney-related: Mickey and Minnie, Star Wars, Princesses, and the Movie Lovers.  Giving you some additional ideas for what to buy that special someone.


Mickey and Minnie (the classic couple):

2How can you go wrong with being a fan of Mickey and Minnie?  They are the classic couple that anyone who hears “Disney character” will think about.

What is really exciting about all of these Mickey and Minnie items is that they are not the new and modern characters that we know and love, instead they are showcasing the retro pie-eyed ones that have more of the romantic characteristics.1


At the D23 Expo last August, Jelly Belly® was an exhibitor there and they were promoting all of their Disney packs.  These contained jelly beans that were colored to specific characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.  They were adorable and who doesn’t love the Jelly Belly® flavors?  Target® is carrying the Valentine’s mix with Mickey and Minnie as the “couple” on the box, and they are adorable.

3One item that someone pointed out were the limited-edition Itty-Bitty dolls that are all-red Mickey and Minnie, currently being sold at Hallmark.  These little figurines are interesting, but they appear to be almost like finger puppets!



Star Wars (an adventurous couple):4

“In a galaxy far, far away, Brandon asked Alyssa to be his valentine!”  There were really only two items that were Star Wars themed, but they were little Yoda and Darth Vader candy dispensers that just had to be added to this post!  “The force is strong with these ones”, and I was pulled into retail desire to buy this product, and then realized I don’t collect anything Star Wars themed!  However, for the true fans, you might enjoy these items.


Princesses (the romantic and whimsical couple):

5Target® had gobs of princess items, but one design caught my eye.  The main princesses all had heart boxes with chocolates in them, but the images of the princesses were the new, more romantic and fashionable sketches of them.  Again Target® is going outside the box and using unique designs that are unlike what you can find in many stores.  One can only hope that Disney is ultimately behind this move and understands that consumers might desire new ideas for their merchandise!


Winnie the Pooh (the playful and child-like couple):6

These two boxes of chocolate that were on the shelves were the cutest of all Valentine’s Day items that Target® carried.  Who does not want to receive a heart-shaped box of chocolate with Eeyore or Tigger’s tail!  Honestly, if anyone wants to be my Valentine, all you need to do is buy me a box like these.


7The other Winnie the Pooh items that Target® carries are little coffee mugs (and yes there is a princess one as well) with candy and little items in the cups.  They are cute and a very easy idea for those in your life that enjoy a warm beverage.




I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and get to spend some time with your sweetheart!  I know that these items are just a few and are meaningless trinkets, but with this weeks blog, I wanted to have some fun!  Remember to always spread the Disney love by shopping Disney-style!

(All photographs are from the authors personal collection, with the exception of the Itty-Bitty doll which is used with the permission of Christy Viszoki)

Alyssa Wiseman (also known as ajwiseman09 in the box) and her husband Brandon reside in central Indiana (too far from Disney) with their shih tzu, London Bridget and Bulldog, Maggie Mae.  Alyssa and Brandon enjoy traveling to Disney several times a year to see what is new and enjoy classic Disney.  While traveling, and at home, Alyssa is frequently shopping for Disney products and making a list of items to buy while in the parks.  Please follow Alyssa on twitter @ajwiseman09.