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WDW Radio Emoticon Challenge, Week 15

In this weekly series, we are looking at how we can text about Walt Disney World using the basic emoticons that you can download for free to your smart phone.

Last time, our Disney reference was within a string of emoticons:

Melissa and Ethan1





This one was tricky and stumped almost everyone!  This was a reference to the Tiki Room.   Thanks to everyone who submitted guesses!  (Ian Martin, always trust your first instinct!  🙂  )

This week, we have a new emoticon string, describing something in Walt Disney World.  This one was created by the one and only klam_chowder, from The Box.

by klam




Can you interpret this reference?  If so, put your thoughts in the comments below, and you might win a 2014 WDW Radio mystery ticket!