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“So, what’s next?”… a runDisney ponder…

After coming home from the January Walt Disney World® runDisney Marathon Weekend, family and friends asked how things went.  I was happy to tell all about my races and the fun times with friends.

Invariably, the conversations would lead up to the big question, “So, what’s next?”

A weekend full of fun, friends, and running may have slightly weakened my resistance to saying no to another race.  Instead of focusing on how tired I was and how many things I had to get caught up on, my answer was, “Well, I think I agreed to do Dopey in 2015”.  Yep, after watching my friends finish out the weekend with an extra 26.2 miles on Sunday, I thought to myself (through tired rose colored glasses), “I should have done this”.  So, when everyone was saying they were in for 2015, I was all, “ME TOO!”.

*Note to self… don’t commit to 48 miles of running on a runners high/exhaustion.

However, that’s not what’s next.  I had to focus.  I had decided to go “Coast to Coast”.  For those unfamiliar, if you run at least a half marathon at Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® in the same calendar year, you qualify as a “Coast to Coast” runner.  You receive a “bonus” medal upon completion of the second race.  Since I ran the Half Marathon in January at Walt Disney World®, I planned to go to Disneyland® in late August to run the Disneyland® Half Marathon.  Thus, I would receive the “Coast to Coast” medal!

Aah, but what a tangled web…. runDisney added an extra race last year for the Disneyland® Half Marathon Weekend.  If you do the 10K on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday, you have completed the “Dumbo Double Dare”, which earns you a Dumbo themed bonus medal!  One weekend… two races… four medals.  This is getting interesting!

Keep in mind that these are not easy races for which to register.  The official registration opened at 11am Chicago time (where I live) on Tuesday, January 28th.  Hmm… I have a job and cannot walk away from my students to go register for a race.  As luck (luck?) would have it, it has been a brutal winter.  Our school was closed due to frigid temperatures both Monday and Tuesday.  Yay! I could stalk the website!!!

By 10:30 am Chicago time on registration day I was on my computer tapping the “Register” button.  After receiving the polite reply that registration was not yet open, I would go read social media for a few minutes before attempting again.  at 10:45 am the screen changed to the flat “Register” header with no boxes.  Hmm… things were getting serious.  I continued to tap the button and get the same message every few minutes.  I knew this would take focus… and luck!

During one of my persistent attempts, the screen changed, the registration boxes appeared, and I was welcomed into the race registration process!  My computer said it was a few minutes before 11 am, but who was I to quibble?  I was in!

Dilemma time… my friend was in the same boat as I was.  Do I finish my registration then text or text then register? Would those seconds of texting make me lose my place in line?  I quickly sent a text that simply said “GO”.

Wahoo! I made it!  Registered and confirmation email received!  My friend got in as well!  However… now I see that the 5K isn’t full yet.  Yes, you can see where this is going.  If I’m going to earn the 5K medal, this is the year to do all three.  So, I registered, again.  So, one weekend… three races… five medals!  By the way, I did not complain about the frigid weather for the rest of that day.

These were the medals from 2013

Dumbo Double Dare Weekend 2013 medals








I believe runDisney provides an amazing opportunity for people who love Disney to come together to walk, jog, and run.  Friends who are willing to get up at “dark o’clock” to run together and cheer for one another are a special group.

I know that my running is never going to be exclusively Disney races.    If I want to do Dopey 2015, I have to get a marathon in locally first.  I also enjoy doing races in Chicago with friends.  That said, Disney races will always be special to me for reasons non-Disney people wouldn’t understand.

So, what’s next for you?  How about a 5K?  Hopefully, I’ll see you there in your WDW Radio Running Team shirt!

*This post made possible with the crazy people I love to run with… the WDW Radio Running Team!!!

 (Image copyright Disney.  disneyparks.disney.go.com)

Liz has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was five years old.  She is always looking for a nook or cranny of Walt Disney World as yet unexplored.  When not in Walt Disney World, Liz is a teacher in the Chicago suburbs.