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It’s Beci vs. Lou in Disney’s March Magic!!

In the spirit of March Madness and the NCAA tournament, the Disney Parks blog has launched March Magic, the ultimate showdown of the east coast’s Walt Disney World versus the west coast’s Disneyland!  From now through April 7, Disneyland and Walt Disney World Facebook fans are asked daily to choose between two attractions on each coast, whittling down the list of 64 to one ultimate champion of the magic!

We have a very WDW Radio way to celebrate: it’s the ultimate throwdown—akin to Frasier vs. Ali, Coke v. Pepsi,  Hatfields v. McCoys…..  it’s MONGELLO v. MAHNKEN…..  Both Beci and Lou have completed their prediction brackets (pictured below), and we will be monitoring their progress daily. Will it be Traditional Lou, with his allegiance to Disney classics like Peter Pan, or Progressive Beci, who loves to see the newer, amazing Disney attractions like Radiator Springs? You can check their daily progress on the WDW Radio Facebook page, and be sure to weigh in on their choices.  And when this is over, we will see which of the two will be crowned the WDW Radio Mayor of the Magic!


Lou's Picks


NOTE: Although Beci’s written response says both, she ultimately chose the Pistons.

beci bracket (2)

Of course we want YOU involved!  We want to hear YOUR choices.   Email YOUR predicted FINAL FOUR Disney attractions to FinalFour@WDWRadio.com no later than Sunday March 23.  We will randomly select 5 people who submit the correct final four choices to receive a WDW Radio prize pack, including 2014 WDW Radio Mystery tickets.

While we are monitoring Beci and Lou’s picks, have some fun and share your DisneySide with your friends at home or work!  Why not print out the brackets for each member of your family and track the winners each day?  Winner gets the first Mickey pop on your next trip to the World (or the Land)!!  Or how about you gather that group of closet Disney fans at work together, share a coffee break, and fill out your brackets?  It will give you something fun to vote on and discuss in between meetings!

Whatever you do, remember this is a fun way to celebrate the Disney spirit wherever you are!

To learn about March magic and to print your own brackets, visit this link.