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Practically Perfect Disney Crafting: Crystal Mickey Earrings

Crystal Mickey Earrings 1Hi Everyone! Like most brides, especially Disney Brides, I loved my wedding bouquet. It was a round French bouquet with orange roses and clear, Swarovski® crystal Mickeys (shown in the accompanying photo), but I didn’t preserve it in a traditional way. I took sentimental elements from the bouquet and made other usable items with them. Namely, I made these earrings using the crystal Mickeys.

These are oh, so easy to replicate, and you don’t even need jewelry making experience. Wanna make some Crystal Mickey Earrings with me? Grab some E-6000®, and let’s get started, together!

You’ll need:

  • Crystal beads in any two sizes: 2 of the large size, 4 of the smaller (my bead dimensions are 0.4 mm and 0.7 mm; whichever size you earring you select, the Mickey Head ratio is usually anywhere between 1:1.5 or the head being 3 times the size of the ears)
  • Fine gauge wire (any thin wire that will fit inside the bead is perfect)
  • Wire snips
  • Earring bases (that cradle a bead) and earring backs or earring wires
  • E-6000® adhesive

How to assemble earrings:

Crystal Mickey Earrings 2Run enough wire inside each of the beads, 4 small, 2 large, in both sets. Twist once or twice as close around the bead as possible to keep it stationery. Then assemble your Mickey Heads using 2 small beads and 1 large. Twist again as close around the beads as possible to keep them flush and stationery. You don’t need round nose pliers for this. Twist around a few times (like shown in the picture).

I made mine into studs, since the Mickeys were already created for my bouquet. I simply snipped the excess wires and unraveled a small portion so the beads would lay flush inside the earring base. It actually cradled the large bead. I used a generous amount of the E-6000® adhesive inside the earring bases and let dry overnight. That was it! Just remember the earring backs!

If you prefer a dangling Mickey, you can hook these wires into a small loop and onto French wires or level backs. Just snip enough of the excess wires, then follow the instructions on the back of the packages you purchase or search for a quick tutorial online.

You can even use the same ideas to create a pendant or a charm for a bracelet!

Enjoy your day and sparkle away!

(Photo of bouquet is from the author’s collection. Collages are by Fran Cassano using her own photos.)

When you only have a few moments a week to craft or don’t even know where to begin, Fran Cassano invites you to capture your memories through Practically Perfect Disney Crafting… Break out those tools that have been gathering dust. And let’s figure out how, together!