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To Tell The Truth: I Saw The Signs

To tell the truthIt is time to get your game faces on! To Tell the Truth is back! Okay here is the deal, I will ask you a question and give your four choices. However, only one of them is incorrect. Usually, you can guess in the comments below which one you think is true.  THIS time, you have to identify which one is NOT the truth. So, I guess I should technically call this To Tell A Lie. Oh well.

In my last installment of this series, I asked you guys “Which character was not voiced by Jim Cummings?” and gave you the options of George Darling, Pete, Kaa and Stromboli.  If you said that the answer was George Darling, you are correct! Jim Cummings has voiced Pete, Kaa and Stromboli (as well as dozens of other loveable Disney characters) at one point in his life.

Now, onto this week’s topic. Disney loves to place little details into their parks. Some of my favorite things to look for are the signs. Not just any signs, though. I am fascinated by the signs that are not necessary. If the Imagineers took the time to put the sign there, there must be a reason behind it. Signs also do not come in just standard forms either. Sometimes they are printed on ceilings, props or pieces of paper stuck on a bulletin board. Some of my favorites include M.T Lott (Main Street, USA), NaHTaZu (Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park) and G-Force Records (Rock n Roller Coaster® Starring Aerosmith). There are so many more that I could mention, but the list would be at least thirty pages long! Below, I have listed four of these signs that could be scattered around the Magic Kingdom® Park; however, only three of them actually are. Which one of these signs does not exist in the Magic Kingdom® Park?


Story One

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®  has always been one of my favorite attractions. For as long as I can remember, my family would ride it together and scream from laughter. Some of my fondest memories are on that ride. However, I never knew about the Lytum and Hyde Explosives Company. Get it? Say it slowly… I see you smiling! I guess there was some mining going on in this mountain! You can find a crate in the queue line that proudly displays this explosive company.

Story Two

Marc Davis wasis one of Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men”. He assisted in creating some of our favorite characters and attractions like Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Maleficent, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, The Jungle Cruise® and America Sings. However, one of the most popular items that Marc Davis contributed to was the Pirates of the Caribbean® attraction over at Walt Disney World®. One of the last things you see as the ride is coming to its end is Jack Sparrow on his pile of loot singing. In this scene, there is a crest. You can faintly see printed on the crest Marco Daviso, which was put on the crest by Mr. Davis himself.

Story Three

The Haunted Mansion® is home to many puns. In fact, this place is flooded with them. At the end of the queue line, you can find tombstones featuring the names of the deceased. I.L. Beback is just one of the many that you encounter here. Do you get it? I will never forget first time I saw this specific name, and I had to read it out loud in order to understand the joke.

Story Four

This sign can also be found in the beloved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®  attraction. Each of the runaway trains has a license plate, and each one is different. Some include U.R Fearless, I.M Bold and U.B Courageous. However, my favorite one is I.M Adventurous. Next time you are ready to hop onto the “wildest ride in the wilderness”, watch the train that loads guests in front of you. As it passes by, try and see if you can identify which train it is by the license plate. This is always an entertaining game that my family plays before we get inside our own train.


Okay, Disney fans, you’ve read all four stories. Three of them are correct. This week I would like you to choose which story is incorrect. Which one of these signs is not real? The answer will be revealed in the next To Tell the Truth.


See ya REAL soon!

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Quote of the Week:  “If you’ve focused on what you left behind, you will not be able to see what lies ahead. Now go ahead and look around!”  ~ Gusteau, Ratatouille


Makena is a 15 year old high school student who spends much of her free time researching Disney. She enjoys sharing Disney facts and even plans Walt Disney World vacations (including searches for secrets and Hidden Mickeys) for friends and family. You can follow Makena on twitter @Makattack98 or on Facebook (Makena Wolcott).  Makena began blogging for WDW Radio in December 2011.