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Adventure Into The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy: Disney Tip #45

AdventureHello everyone!

This week I have found myself feeling very nostalgic and missing the California sunshine I was blessed to have for 12 years of my life.

Whenever I daydream about California, I never hesitate to think about one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World®.

Can anyone guess it?…….Soarin’®!

This ride is a must-do when you are at Epcot® because as a California native, it truly captures the essence of the state and what it has to offer. Not to mention, flying on a hang glider is pretty cool.

My tip this week is for guests who enjoy a thrill on a ride and for those who do not enjoy it so much:

Once you get through the queue on Soarin’®, a Cast Member will ask you, “How many people are in your party?” They will then place you in a specific row that represents your seat once you enter the theater where the hang gliders are located.soarin

At this moment, if you are a thrill seeker like me, request a number ending in “1” (A-1, B-1, C-1). There are three rows of hang gliders and rows ending in “1” will place you at the very top when you take flight.

For those of you who are not so fond of heights, ask for a row ending in “3” (A-3, B-3, C-3) and you will be placed closest to the ground.

Happy flying everyone!

(Photo copyright Disney.)

How many of you have ridden Soarin’® at Epcot®? Where is your favorite place to sit on the ride? Comment below!

Peyton is currently a student at the University of Mississippi majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in print. Growing up in Los Angeles and most recently moving to Atlanta, he has seen and experienced the best of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Making his first visit to Walt Disney World at the age of 5, he has never looked back as he entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.