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Practically Perfect Disney Crafting: Shimmer Tipped “Slippers”

Shimmer Tipped "Slippers" 1Hi Everyone! A few weeks ago, I went to D23’s preview night of Disney Aladdin on Broadway. The show is amazing!!! I especially loved the costume details and the sets. So, Aladdin‘s gorgeous, glittery on-stage presence is the inspiration for these DIY tipped shoes.

Wanna discover “a whole new world” of shimmer tipped slippers with me? Grab, some more Mod Podge® and let’s get started, together!

You’ll need:

  • “Slipper”-style (slip-on) Women’s or Girls’-sized Closed-toe Shoes (faux leather, plastic or rubber tips work the best)
  • Masking or Painters Tape
  • Gold Leaf or Sliver Leaf Paint
  • OR Gold or Silver Glitter
  • Small Paint Brush (bristle works best for leaf, foam works best for glitter)
  • Mod Podge®


Please work in a well-ventilated area for this project. Affix a strip of tape, from edge of sole to edge of sole, over the top of the shoe up to approximately 2½ inches from the toe. Make sure to smooth out the tape to avoid bleed through and make sure you will have a clean edge when you are finished.

Shimmer Tipped "Slippers" 2Here are some Disney Aladdin-inspired color combinations:

  • Jasmine: Light Teal (Sea-foam) shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter
  • Prince Ali: Purple shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter
  • Cave of Wonders: Navy shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter
  • Jafar: Red shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter

Also make sure the tape lines are in the same spot and even over each shoe. Dip your brush in the gold or silver leaf and paint the entire tip, just to the tape to ensure a clean edge when you are finished to each shoe. Apply a medium thick layer of Mod Podge® over the leaf on each shoe to seal the paint. This will prolong the life of the shimmery tips.

If you are using glitter, it might be easier to mix a generous amount of glitter with a generous amount of Mod Podge® in a small paper bowl. Then apply the same way as you would the leaf.

Let dry thoroughly, approximately 1 hour to overnight. Then remove the tape.

Your Shimmer Tipped “Slippers” are ready to take you “one jump ahead”.

Enjoy your day and sparkle away!


And for your next dipped shoe project(s), check out these other Princess-y combinations:

  • Ariel: Dark Teal shoe with Silver Leaf or Glitter
  • Aurora’s “make it pink” gown: Pink shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter
  • Snow White or Belle: Yellow shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter
  • Cinderella: Powder Blue or White shoe with Silver Leaf or Glitter
  • Rapunzel: Purple shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter
  • Once Upon A Time‘s Regina (because I can’t resist): Black shoe with Gold Leaf or Glitter


(Graphics by Fran Cassano using royalty free images.)

When you only have a few moments a week to craft or don’t even know where to begin, Fran Cassano invites you to capture your memories through Practically Perfect Disney Crafting… Break out those tools that have been gathering dust. And let’s figure out how, together!