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shopDisney: Update From the Parks Spring 2014

shopDisney is a bi-weekly blog that will focus on Disney merchandise and products sold in the parks, in Disney stores, and in other retail markets.  We will explore product reviews, affordability, and to whom the products are marketed.  Like any other good product review, we will conclude with a rating scale for several different key components: price, age group, and whether the product is a “must have.”

Upon realization that I had already been back from the parks for 3 weeks and hadn’t updated you all with the new merchandise that I had found, I felt like I needed to start writing as soon as I could.  Once again I was able to find some really fun items that were just begging to be shared with all of the shopDisney readers.  Here are my top items from this trip:

Theme Park Icon Mugs:

1Social media had alerted me that these mugs were being sold in stores, but I had to see them with my own eyes.  I, of course, forgot to look for them until we had been there for 4 days and finally found them at the World of Disney® store in Downtown Disney®.  These mugs were based on the park icons (Cinderella Castle, Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, and I assume the Sorcerer’s Hat).  I was unable to find the Sorcerer’s Hat mug in the stores that I looked at, but I would like to know how they did that design.  My favorite mug out of the three that I found was the Spaceship Earth one.  What a great idea to not just add the outside design to the mug, but to also use the shape!


Price:  $18.95

Age Group: Adults (they are glass)

Must Have: A little pricey, but if you love a park or want to collect them, YES



IMG_0153This little box of entertainment was something I had heard about while listening to a Disneyland® podcast.  The design is a little television set that has rubber characters that you place inside on a movable part.  You turn the box on, adjust the lights and speed of the movement and it becomes a live zoetrope!  Two quick things, if you don’t know what a zoetrope is, Google it because it was an item that was very helpful in the creation of animation.  Secondly, this item is very difficult to explain, so doing an internet search for the Disneyvision “toy” is a must.






Price:  $29.95

Age Group: Adults, as a child would be bored quickly

Must Have: If you like movie history, it would be a good item



Sundresses for Young Fans:

IMG_0156I don’t spend much time in the kids shopping areas because we don’t have any children, that will be changing come September 30th, 2014(!), but during this trip we had a few items to buy, and I just loved looking around.  I did get the opinion that Disney might be a little biased when it comes to merchandise for girls and boys, the areas in the stores are completely siding with the little girls!

These little sundresses are just the most adorable, and practical, ways for little girls to show their love of Disney.  Yes they could wear those huge, itchy-looking, and hot Disney princess dresses, but why not wear something that looks comfortable.  I honestly don’t know which of the two designs is my favorite.


Price:  $34.95 (and doesn’t require accessories)IMG_0164

Age Group: Young girls

Must Have: Something to wear to a Disney dinner


Those items were my favorites from this trip and I hope you enjoyed them and found at least one that you might have to purchase for yourself or a loved one during your next trip.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, and remember to fill your baskets with something Disney-style!

(All photographs are from the authors personal collection)

Alyssa Wiseman (also known as ajwiseman09 in the box) and her husband Brandon reside in central Indiana (too far from Disney) with their 4 year shih tzu London Bridget and Bulldog, Maggie Mae.  Alyssa and Brandon enjoy traveling to Disney several times a year to see what is new and enjoy classic Disney.  While traveling, and at home, Alyssa is frequently shopping for Disney products and making a list of items to buy while in the parks.  Please follow Alyssa on twitter @ajwiseman09.