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Disney Girl: Next Generation Mouseketeer Reviews Disney’s “Maleficent” (Spoiler Free)

maleficentOn May 31st, I saw Disney’s newest movie “Maleficent” (After trying the 30th but it was sold out!) and was completely shocked by it… in a very good way! When I first came into the theater, my only expectation was that the movie was going to be great. I had know idea how they were going to interpret it, so I was excited to see how Disney decided to take on this classic! As soon as I was half way through this movie I knew I wanted to write a piece on it. I won’t give anything away because I wouldn’t like to read any spoilers myself, so here is my review on Disney’s Maleficent.

Like I said before, I wasn’t exactly sure if they were staying true to the original animated feature with a few twists or something way different. If you are stuck on the original version and want every single detail exact, you may not like it. I loved the way they went with this story and that’s all I’m saying because like I said… no spoilers!

This movie was visually stunning and your eyes were never bored. Maleficent’s wings were amazing and her eyes were so cool.  All of the CGI creatures and scenery reminded me of Oz the Great and Powerful! (If you like Maleficent, you’d also like Oz) Aurora’s three fairy guardians were so strangely realistic, even though no one knows what fairies look like! That’s what I loved, they make you think all the creatures are real! (Or wish they were)

Now on the “scariness” level of the movie. I know some people were concerned if it would not be appropriate for younger children , but there is good news! First of all, this is a PG rated movie. There were 2 or 3 fight scenes, but whenever someone was hurt or killed, you didn’t see it. They just cut to a different shot. It wasn’t bloody, just a little intense for maybe kids under 7 years. It was even overwhelming for me at times, only because some scenes are very loud, especially the music. It really depends on the person, though. Here’s an example: when I saw the movie, I went with my three friends and the youngest of us, Chloe, who is 7, wasn’t frightened at all! Besides violence, there was also one very intense and emotional part of the movie that some kids may not understand, so it really does depend on the level of intensity your child is comfortable with.

I don’t think anyone else could have played Maleficent the way Angelina Jolie did. She made you laugh, your heart break, and you just felt her anger. (The character’s anger, not Angie’s!) I think that Aurora, Diaval and King Stephan were very well casted, and I loved that Imelda Staunton  (Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series) played the pink fairy!

Overall I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars! I enjoyed it so much that I am going to see it again this week and eventually buy it. This dramatic, magical, and even sometimes comedic story of betrayal and fantasy is still in theaters. so see for yourself! Some critics didn’t like it at all, but I think it’s one of the best movies that has come out this year. If you don’t see it you are really missing out on something special.

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Did you like Maleficent? Were you surprised as well? Who’s your favorite character? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section, I would love to hear from you!  

Thanks for listening and have a magical day! Love, Ruby 8;)

“Curious little beastie…”- Maleficent

Ruby is a twelve year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney.  In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing and writing.  She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!