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Mak Crafts: “Kingdom Keepers” Necklace

makcrafts1I just finished the final Kingdom Keepers book, Kingdom Keepers VII: The Insider, and my heart is broken. At the same time, I have been in a crafting mood the past few weeks so, I thought, why not combine two of these things? I recalled browsing the internet a while back, and coming across a crafting website with an article about how to make a necklace that looks like a miniature book. I am a huge reader, so of course I IMMEDIATELY wanted to make one! Of course, I had to customize it with my favorite book series, The Kingdom Keepers! So here’s how you can make your own book necklace based on your favorite Disney book, whether you are a DHI, OTK or neither!


What you need:

  • A miniature book (this can be found in the dollhouse section of your local craft store)
  • A ruler
  • A printer
  • Internet connection
  • A foam brush
  • Mod Podge®
  • Scissorsmckknecklace1
  • Krazy Glue
  • Lobster clasp (you only need the clasp part, not the part that opens and closes)
  • Chain (silver or gold, depending on the color of your book or your preference)
  • Jump loop (A circular piece of metal that you can find in the jewelry department. Optional.)

Time: 25-30 minutes (5-10 minutes working, 20 minutes waiting)

  1. This first thing I did was measure the length and height of the cover of my mini book. I measured in centimeters so that it would be more accurate. It was around 2.7cm x 1.8cm, but if yours isn’t exact you can round down. In the picture to the right, the book is sitting next to a 1 dollar coin so you can see the size comparison.mckknecklace2
  2. I found a cover of the first Kingdom Keepers book, Kingdom Keepers: Disney after Dark. I actually own the book with the original cover art, which includes kids being chased by pirates towards Cinderella Castle. I love how it reflects different colors depending on the angle you hold it from. Because of this, I decided to go with this cover. I found a picture on Google, and I sized it to 2.7cm by 1.8cm, which was the size of the cover of my book. Print out this picture and cut it with scissors.
  3. If your book is not the color that you want it to be, now would be a good time to repaint it. For example, if you were going to use the picture that I just described, but you bought a mini book that was blue, you might want to consider painting it black, just in case the picture you printed is a little bit too small for the book.
  4. Now comes the moment of truth. Add a small amount of Mod Podge® to the cover of the book, and use tweezers to place to cover on. You have to do this a little quickly before the Mod Podge® dries. (You don’t have to use tweezers but I thought it was easier than fingers since you have to try to adjust it as little as possible.) Let this dry for twenty minutes.
  5. After 20 minutes have passed, you can add a layer of Mod Podge® over the top of the cover. This seals the cover down, and also gives it a little bit of shine. Make sure you get the edges of the book. After this layer dries, it almost mimics the reflection of light that the actual cover gives off.
  6. If you please, you can even add ANOTHER layer of Mod Podge. This adds to the whole holographic look and ensures that the cover remains in place.
  7. Once the book is completely dry, put the clasp from the lobster clasp in the binding. This might sound difficult, and it might be depending on the mini book that you purchased. In fact, there is a risk of the book completely falling apart. I opted to put the clasp between the spine and the pages with Crazy Glue, but you can also put it on the outside. If you choose to place the clasp on the outside, make sure that it will stay in place by using Krazy Glue and/or Mod Podge®.
  8. Depending on the size of the clasp, you might be able to skip this step. My clasp was very small, so a jump ring had to be added. My clasp was black to match the book and the jump ring was gold, because the spine of the book had little gold accents. You may also want to add a jump ring if you want the book to dangle off the necklace a little bit.
  9. Additional details! This is where your creativity can grow. For example, you can string together a few beads and attach them to the jump ring or clasp by stringing wire through them. There are a few friends on Twitter that I became super close to thanks to Ridley Pearson and these characters he created. Brooke, Sari, Allie, and Alyssa are four amazing girls that I know will always have the Keepers in their hearts, just like myself. On one of the pages inside this mini book, I wrote all of our initials. We actually planned on each of us making one for ourselves, and I thought the initials were a nice touch. Another idea could be typing a quote from the book and placing it on the back, gluing it using the same technique as the cover. Of course, it would have to be a smaller quote like “Starfish wise, starfish cries” or “It’s about time”.
  10. Put a chain through your jump ring or clasp and wear it with pride!


I had a lot of fun making this necklace. As mentioned before, I just finished the final Kingdom Keepers book, and this necklace gave me closure to the series ending. I have been reading these books since 2008, and it’s weird to think that it’s all over now. Well, mostly over. Ridley Pearson has said the spinoff series will be called “Keepers of the Kingdom” and will be released in 2015! I can’t wait to read about my favorite holograms in new situations!

Are you going to make a Kingdom Keepers necklace? Or maybe a book necklace with a different cover? I want to see them! Tweet me your finished products @makattack98.

See ya REAL soon!

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