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The Jr. Imagineers: Movies into Attractions

Jr. Imagineers 4Hi everyone! It’s Ruby here and I am VERY excited to introduce you all to a new segment…Welcome to “The Jr. Imagineers”! I have been preparing this post a for long time because I wanted to do it right. In this series of posts, I will be asking a group of 9 kids (ages 8-13) different questions about Disney, like what to add, design and improve in the Walt Disney World® Parks, just like Imagineers do! Then I show you each child’s answer next to his or her name and age. Afterwards, I talk about my answer and mention some of my comments on the other kids’ answers. We all have ideas, don’t we? Now here’s the chance for kids to express their love for Disney and creative ideas. If YOU are a kid and reading this, you can answer each week’s question in the comment section with us! So YOU can also get a chance to be a Jr. Imagineer.


This weeks question is: “What Disney movie do you think they should turn into an attraction in the Disney Parks? Give us your description of the ride.”


Zoe, 10: Definitely Frozen. It would be a simulation ride where you could build the ice castle…well it looks like you’re building it. It would be called “Elsa’s Ice Castle” and “Let It Go” would be playing in the background. It would be in Magic Kingdom® Park’s Fantasyland®.

Eve, 9: (Spoilers if you have not seen Tangled) My ride would be based off of Tangled because my favorite princess is Rapunzel. It would be called “Rapunzel’s Adventure” and would be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios®. You would be sitting in the lanterns; each one would have different patterns on it like suns, hearts and triangles. The first scene would be when Rapunzel is singing “When Will My Life Begin?” and she’ll be painting, playing guitar, making candles, and stuff like that. The next scene will show Mother Gothel’s animatronic singing “Mother Knows Best” to Rapunzel. The next room is when she hits Flynn Rider in the head with the frying pan! Then you look to the left and see Rapunzel swinging herself around the tower with her hair saying “BEST-DAY-EVER!”. The next part will show Rapunzel singing “I Got a Dream” to all the thugs and ruffians at “The Snugly Ducking”! Then you roll off to the next scene, and you suddenly hear Rapunzel sing. Then her hair slowly glows while her and Flynn find their ways out of the cave while they swim through the “water”. Then you’ll see Rapunzel healing Flynn’s hand with her glowing hair. The next two rooms would show Rapunzel pulling Flynn out of Maximus’s mouth and then them dancing at the kingdom! And next is them singing “I See the Light” in the boat with lanterns above their heads. The next scene will be when Flynn cuts off her hair and then it will be when they’re married.Jr Imagineer 3

My next ride would be a rollercoaster in Magic Kingdom® Park called “Marshmallow Attack”! (Inspired by Frozen) In the beginning, you’ll be in front of a screen and watch Elsa make Marshmallow. (You will be sitting in snowflake carts) Then the screen opens up (Like in The Great Movie Ride®) and you go into the ride. You go up onto the rollercoaster track and when you get to the top you see an animatronic of Marshmallow. And there is a fan by him and your hair blows and then you go down the drop! When you go down (straight down fast) two screens right beside you show Marshmallow roaring and chasing after you. Then you go up another hill and turn and drop. Then at the end when everything slows down you will see a statue of Marshmallow. And those are my rides.

Kian, 8: My ride would be in Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. The movie I pick is The Lion King and it would be called “Adventures With Simba”. You would go around seeing scenes from the movie in a boat. You would see plastic animals along the side, and at the end of the ride, when you came back, it would turn into a rollercoaster and twist and do loopdee loops and drops! But if they put the ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios® all of the scenes would be on a screen and be drawn in black and white (It would look like a flip-book) of the three characters Timon, Pumbaa and Simba.
I would also have an idea for a ride called “Adventures with WALL-E” in Epcot®. It would be like Space Mountain® but slower and there would be TVs showing clips of the movie. Then there would be a part like in Expedition Everest Legend of the Forbidden Mountain® and there would be a big robot WALL-E.

Karalyn, 10: I think the ride Imagineers should base a Disney ride off of is the movie Alice and Wonderland. It would be in Magic Kingdom® Park. The way the Disney Imagineers designed the movie would be great for a ride. The ride would start off where you are Alice and you fall down the hole to Wonderland. (Like a small Twilight Zone Tower of Terror drop.) While you fall down the hole, you see the floating tables, teacups, and the shelves that are floating. Once you land in Wonderland, you go through the door, you are in a pool of water. (Like in “it’s a small world”®) Once you exit the pool of water, you enter the Mad Tea Party and the Mad Hatter speaks to random people like they are Alice. Then you enter the castle, and you play croquet with the Queen. Finally, the Queen screams “Off with your head!”, and you exit through the door.

Liv, 11: Name: “Frozen”. Park: Magic Kingdom®Park. Premise: You board a snowflake that’s moving, like on Peter Pan Flight®. The ride takes you down, like you’re really floating. The first scene is of everyone in the castle.  It’s really just a bunch of castles. The ride is about 2 minutes.

Sammie, 10: My ride would be an outside rollercoaster and based off of Tangled. The name of my ride is “Rapunzel’s Hair”. It would be in Magic Kingdom® Park. The rollercoaster cars would look like the lanterns from the movie and the track would look like Rapunzel’s hair! The ride would take you through scenes of her life. The first scene would be when Flynn Rider takes her down the tower, and that’s when you go down on the roller coaster. There is one scene when you go down the tower staircase then the track spins around and around in a spiral!
Jr Imagineer 2(Spoilers if you have not seen Frozen) I also thought of a ride called “Anna’s Frozen Adventures” and it would be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios®. It would be like Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, and you’re going through the scenes of “Frozen”. The first scene would be when Elsa and Anna are little, and Elsa hits Anna with her magic. Then you see Anna singing the first part of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman ”. Then, you see teen Anna sing the next part. Then, you see grown-up Anna sing the rest of the song. The next scene is when Anna is sleeping and wakes up and says, “It’s coronation day!”. Then you see her singing “For the First Time in Forever”, and then, she falls into the boat with Hans. Next you see Elsa singing “Let it Go” when she builds the ice castle. Then you see Kristoff, Anna and Sven outside of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna. Then you see Olaf saying in summer when he is on his knees. Then you see Elsa and Anna in the ice castle singing “For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)”. Then Elsa hits Anna with her powers and Anna falls over. Kristoff comes in and helps Anna get up and they leave the ice castle. Then, they visit the trolls, and they sing “Fixer-upper”, and you see Kristoff and Anna in troll wedding outfits. Then the next scene is when Anna’s heart freezes.  Then the next scene is when summer is back. And the last scene is when Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are ice-skating. After that you pass a big THE END sign. And that’s the end of my rides.

Katelyn, 11: I think a ride the Imagineers should base off of a movie is Planes. It would be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios®. They should do this because it would be a cool experience for people of all ages. This is what it would be like: First, you choose regular or intense plane trip. Next you choose: Dusty, El Chupacabra, Ripslinger, Bulldog (British plane) etc. Then, you go through series of tests to see if you are ready for the world-class air race. Tests include: how well you can handle heights, can you fit in small spaces (tunnel), how fast can you go and so on. Lastly, you compete in the world-class air race.

Sam, 13: I would pick Frozen! It would be called “Elsa’s Snow Castle” and be in the Magic Kingdom® Park! It could be transparent, and there could be Elsa and Anna inside and Olaf, and you could have dinner in there. And then, they could have a different section of the castle where it’s a ride and you’re getting chased by that snow guard!


Jr Imagineer 1Great job guys!!! I’m so proud, and I loved every one of your ideas! Now it’s time for my ride: (Spoilers if you have not seen Monsters Inc.)
The movie I would make into an attraction is Monsters Inc. and would be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios®. It would be called “Boo’s Door”. The whole attraction would be Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey inspired. In this ride, you are inside of Monsters Incorporated and are trying to get Boo to her door while escaping Randal. In the queue, you see a bunch of doors moving up above your head, and when you look to your side, you see more doors moving and being checked by monsters! (The monsters are shown on a screen.)  When it’s finally your turn in line, a cast member will lead you to your door. The doors open up, and it looks like your sitting in a bed inside of a child’s room. They each have a seat and seat belt inside. So you go buckle in and up, up, up you go! You enter a room and there is a BIG screen and you’re really close to it so it looks like your really there. (Again, just like in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey or Soarin’®) So Sully, Mike and Boo are riding on a door in front of you and you’re following them to Boo’s door. You keep turning and moving up and down! But all of these movements are smooth, not jerky and sharp. Suddenly, Sully and Mike lose you and you slam into another door! You soar over a kid’s bed (Who is screaming) and out you go again. Then you find them again and go into another door that opens up, but this time, you happen to be on the beach! Then, you almost get caught in the Himalayas with the yeti but finally escape. Then everything stops and turns dark. (Now you have moved from the room with the screen) Some light shines on Boo’s door, but you can’t move! Then light shines on another door, and Randal comes out from behind it. (He is an animatronic.) He says “GIVE ME THE KID!”, and you’re off again! (Now you are back in the room with the screen) Finally, Randal gets caught in a door, and Sully pushes it onto the ground, and it breaks! They all scream “Yay! We found the door!”, and as you exit the ride, all the screens in Monsters Inc. show Randal getting hit by a shovel in the door he got caught in! (My personal favorite part of the movie) I also think that a Maleficent ride could go good with this type of attraction style…You could be riding over the Moors!

(Photos from authors personal collection and with the permission of  The Stahls, The LaRochelles and The Lucys)


Did you happen to see a trend going on with these rides? Frozen was half of the kids ideas for attractions! The best part was that every one was different. I wanted to do this segment because I wanted to know what other kids thought would be a great movie to turn into a new ride at the Disney Parks, and I got the exact response I wanted but was also shocked at the same time! So, what were your thoughts?

What was your favorite ride that the Jr. Imagineers designed? Would the real Imagineers be proud? Do YOU have an idea for a new ride based off of a Disney movie? Is there any question YOU have for the Jr. Imagineers and would like them to answer? Tell me in the comments section, I really want to hear from you!

Thanks for listening! Love, Ruby 8:)

Ruby is a twelve year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney. In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing and writing. She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!